Fall River

JD Sword: ‘Fall River’ identifies another victim of the Satanic Panic

Before QAnon spread online conspiracy theories about satanic pedophile elites drinking children’s blood, credulous TV talk show hosts and journalists were causing mass hysteria with stories about child abuse, murder, and animal sacrifice during a period of time often called the “Satanic Panic.” One of these sensational cases is the subject of the latest true crime docuseries from Blumhouse Productions, Fall River.

…Ultimately, the Fall River Murders were just one of many examples of alleged cult crimes which have never been substantiated. This isn’t to say that, in some cases, singularly disturbed individuals never commit crimes with ritualistic tableau, but there’s never been any evidence to suggest any kind of organized, underground cult activity. Real Satanism, as codified by Anton LaVey, has nothing to do with murder or animal sacrifice.

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