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Listening to Gilbert Gottfried: A Worthwhile Torture

Ever since the launch of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, I have been overwhelmed by a reluctant urge to spread the word. Perhaps unfortunately, I’ve decided that I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Gottfried is what some might call “stuck” in the past. In this case, that unfashionable attitude is a Satanic virtue. His guests are showbiz veterans who share his old-fashioned obsessions, often having played a part in that very history. Gottfried and his co-host also review films, a number of which happen to be on the Church of Satan’s recommended viewing list.

Combining irreverent humor with reverence for the comedy and horror that influenced him as a budding entertainer, Gottfried embodies what we call ECI: Emotional Crystallization Inertia. The “E” can also stand for “erotic,” but with a voice like Gilbert Gottfried’s, that goes without saying.

Gottfried has even appeared in a show ID bumper for The Devil’s Mischief, another excellent comedy podcast, produced by our own Magister Bill M. (I think he did this to clean up his sometimes controversial image.) His rants also influence my own work on Between the Horns, part of the 9sense podcast.

I’ve been binge-listening to this show lately. Even when I’m not familiar with the guest, it’s a laugh riot with plenty of insights for comedians and other creative… can I say souls? Anywho, turn down the volume and tune in to this podcast. It’s more than worth every ear-withering decibel.

—Warlock M. A. Mandrake