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Maestro David E. Williams Performs

Dear Friends:

On February 24 2012 in a Brooklyn nightclub, I will trot out some of the 3-legged horses and 4-eyed pigs of my early songwriting career.

Have the years been good to these to 2-to-4 minute articulations of precise hatred?  Are they as swell as reputation might suggest?

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are important questions that ought be answered by someone other than the usual Brooklyn audience on a Friday night.  Someone like YOU!

We need you old schoolers singing from the first note.  Remember?  It goes “Various bodily fluids stain the bed…"  And so on.  It will all come back.

I go on SHARPLY at 9pm with other great acts to follow (Veiled; Pop. 1280; Xeno and Oaklander and headliner Cut Hands, the new project of Whitehouse’s William Bennett).

See you there!  Advance ticket purchases are available and strongly suggested.

Flyer with details here:  (That’s a photo of William and not Williams)