Marquis H.K.: Frills and Thrills—A Fetishistic Celebration of Woman’s Sexy Underwear and Lingerie

Frills and Thrills is a fully-illustrated celebration of things racy, sexy, saucy, sassy, naughty, and elegant. For author Marquis H. K., there’s nothing more visually alluring than women in sexy lingerie. He discusses how the displaying of such hidden garments incites sex appeal and is for many the epitome of feminine beauty.

This book covers everything from lingerie displayed in films and TV shows, advertising, comic books, wardrobe “malfunctions,” role-play fantasy (French Maids, Naughty Nurses, etc.), and lingerie in various cultures to the personal style of the wearers of this sensuous attire.

Spanning 168 pages, the book is filled with stunning images sure to give you a thrill! The author celebrates his personal journey of awareness, excitement and connoisseurship of imagery of the well-undressed woman.

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