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Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 41.7 

“Your flesh is weak…”

A Motorhead tribute episode.

Warlock David Ingram here! Firstly, many apologies for the lack of new content from MBR. This has all been my fault, due to me being very busy while away playing live shows with Just Before Dawn. Myself, Bob, Kent and Mark are now endeavouring to make sure we get back on track as soon as we can align our varied schedules. Now, this particular episode has been several months in the making, and we didn’t want to rush things. A tribute to Motorhead can cover a lot of ground, and we certainly do. This includes some tracks that might be a surprise to some of our regular listeners, but well worth the listen if, like us, you love the progenitors of heavy metal…Motor-fuckin’-head! Bite the bullet, baby.