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Modern-Day Mollycoddling, Godless Christians Thought Police, & Occult Knowledge

In the essay “Pervasive Pantywaistism” (The Satanic Scriptures), High Priest Peter H. Gilmore illustrates the Satanic spirit of intellectual rigor and self-assurance in the face of a sick culture that cares more about hurt feelings and keeping the sheep placid. The Satanist is aware that PC bellyaching can come from the godless just as likely as the ecclesiastic. We have an incoming generation drowning in its limp-wristed solipsism whose mantra is “This offends me, therefore it must offend everyone.” 

Satanists cherish the works that inspire us, otherwise, we hit the “close” button and move on. Filtering out material that is useless is now a major task in this age wherein everyone has an opinion and most of those are uninformed and worthless. If a particular string of evidence pulls on the “bleeding hearts,” make note as there may be more there that is currently hidden. Keep an eye out for scientific research that’s deemed “morally uncomfortable” or “of little social value” as therein may lie true “occult” knowledge.

—Reverend Raul Antony