Church of Satan Juneteenth Banner

Music to Celebrate Juneteenth!

Proclaimed an American national holiday three years ago, the Church of Satan celebrates independence, sovereignty, and emancipation from imposed servitude on this Juneteenth, 2024. Our unique banner design for this holiday, a variation rendered by myself, includes 19 vertices between the two stars, to mark the date, while the central star is inverted to symbolize our carnal philosophy, which has always championed liberty and individualism.

Scott Joplin (1868-1917) was a great American composer who was deemed the “King of Ragtime.” With a thorough grounding in European art music, he considered ragtime to be a form of classical music, fitting for recitals in concert halls. With over 40 pieces in that style to his name—as well as an opera, “Treemonisha,” which encompasses a broader range of styles—his music continues to charm and move people the world over.

Here is an evocative performance of Joplin’s “Solace” by Reverend Mark Birnbaum (Ragtime Mark Birnbaum), one of the final individuals to have been elevated to that status by Anton Szandor LaVey before his passing. Reverend Birnbaum performed the memorial concert for Dr. LaVey, DIABOLUS IN MUSICA, on the one year anniversary of his passing.

Here’s to Self-Determination—Hail Freedom!

Hail Satan!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore