Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

New from Arkham Studios comes the legendary slumbering God as described by the peerless author H.P. Lovecraft from his timeless novella “The Call of C’thulhu”.

Done in the great art deco style, this was done as a preliminary design for the film “The Shadow over Innsmouth” as the pillar sculptures for the entrance to Dagon Hall. The response was so overwhelming and demand was high, so it was decided to release this as a collectible statue!

Standing 10 inches tall, the C’thulhu EOD Pillar is cast from the highest quality polymer resin and finished off in the traditional Arkham Studios faux bronze rub.

This is sure to become a favorite artwork in your Lovecraft collection, on your Satanic altar or to use as bookends for your Lovecraft books!

As with all Arkham Studios busts and figures, this is a limited edition, so get yours today!