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Just in time for the holiday, David E. Williams announces that limited copies of ALLEGIANCE TO NO CROWN from American neofolk supergroup THE MUSKETS are now available through Bandcamp. Purchase now at! “Four founders of American Neofolk music– b9 InViD, THOMAS NÖLA, ERIN POWELL and DAVID E. WILLIAMS– celebrate the founding of the American nation itself with contemporary versions of battle songs from the period. While untraditional recordings and even performances of these songs are very rare, The Muskets march them into the twenty first century with acoustic psychedelia, noisy martial pop, and choral dark ambience. There is a […]

Church of Satan celebrates Independence Day.

Church of Satan Celebrates Independence Day

INDEPENDENCE DAY Today we mark the anniversary of The Declaration of Independence, when we traitorous colonials told the monarch of Britain that the 13 states were united and free of foreign rule. Our founders intended this new union to be a secular republic—a very rare thing! Americans now popularly use this day, or the nearby weekend, as a means to enjoy a summer holiday with convivial gatherings, barbecues, and evening fireworks displays. Commercial enterprises lure folks toward capitalist excess with varied discounts for their wares and services. While we Satanists partake, or refrain, from all of this as we please, […]

Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae – Episode 441 – Week of July 01, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 441 – 144 Minutes – Week of July 01, 2019 This week we hear works by Johann Adam Reincken, Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, Antonio Rosetti, Bernhard Crusell, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Alexander Zemlinsky, and Kevin Volans. Stream Vox Satanae Episode #441 Download Vox Satanae Episode #441

A Thought With The Ringmaster: Passing The Torch

Welcome to another noisy and drunk episode! The Ringmaster is joined again by Storm Anderson and has the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful Steve Nosack from Kilted Entertainment. Basking in the glow of the resurrected Halloween in Summer festival we discuss handing over the reigns, the pressures and expectations involved and how to put your own stamp on something without straying too far from the original idea.

Pride at The Black House

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising

Today, many Satanists join those celebrating the anniversary of the riots which ignited societal change towards accepting LGBTQ individuals as part of society—to no longer being subject to legal imprisonment and vile exploitation because of their sexual orientation. The Church of Satan’s philosophy accepted all forms of human sexuality between consenting adults from its inception in 1966—one of the few organized religions at the time to take that stance. Satanists consider pride, individualism, and liberty to be fundamental to our philosophy. Then as now, we embrace many who were stigmatized as being outsiders, championing the freedom to follow their nature […]

The Black House VR: Main Ritual Chamber

The Black House VR Campaign Launched!

“It’s said that the Devil is in the details. Enki has proven that he knows the Devil, and he certainly is a man of details. He has taken great pains to make sure his past efforts have accurately reflected The Black House, and the results were startling. Now he’s moving us into the Front Ritual Chamber, so that we can all feel what it was like to stand in that unhallowed space, the roots of which, Dr. LaVey declared, stretched all the way to Hell. “Our originating High Priest felt strongly that accurate details, stimulating aesthetics, and potent emotions resulted […]

The Devil You Know Podcast – Episode 126: The Black House VR Project

The Devil You Know Podcast – Episode 126 is up and running! VIDEO – WATCH NOW! John H Shaw, Dorian Grey and Adam Roberts talk to Special Guest Enki of the Church of Satan about his new Black House VR Project! Another poem reading from Magister Kevin I. Slaughter of the Church of Satan! Special thanks to: Enki, Kevin I. Slaughter Send us an email with your comments, tryouts, rants, or even recordings for a possible airing on the show to Website  YouTube SoundCloud RSS Feed iTunes Stitcher

156: Memento Mori

Free Gifts For CoS Members Who Order 156’s Memento Mori 10” EP

Free Gifts For CoS Members Who Order 156’s Memento Mori 10” For fans of ethno-ambient and primitive drone, 156 is down to the last 100 copies of the Memento Mori 10” EP. All the music on these recordings was played using only human bones, including human skulls, femurs, vertebrae, plus bone whistles, and Tibetan thighbone trumpets (kangling). Released as a limited edition, nine-track, bone-colored 10” vinyl disc—playable at two speeds—it was mastered by James Plotkin. To celebrate, 156, which is conducted by Church of Satan member Adel Souto, is offering two free gifts to anyone who orders a copy of the […]

Superlative Solstice from The Black House!


SUPERLATIVE SOLSTICE! From our garden here at The Black House—flourishing from copious recent rainfalls, we offer Solstice greetings to all in harmony with the Earth’s seasonal changes! In the Northern Hemisphere we embrace the longest day of the year as sultry Summer begins. Those in the Southern Hemisphere mark the longest night as Winter begins its gelid dominion. Wherever on this wondrous planet you might be, it is always a delight to celebrate the glories of nature and the abundant pleasures that life offers! Here’s to a splendid new season filled with indulgence galore! —Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Candyboy: Donny Fee Mama

CANDYBOY: Donny Fee Mama

“Donny Fee Mama” The latest Candyboy single on the occasion of the Summer Solstice: “My new mask is inspired by a Hollywood killer doll. I used it in my last ritual psychodrama, from which emerged a very emotional side of my psyche. I do not consider this track as rock or metal, though I used electric guitar. Rather, it is a classical revival in a new manner. I quote several classical composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov at the beginning, Dyens in the middle, and Bach’s Bourée at the end, all blended with Paganini’s arpeggio style… it’s a real crossover! “I had been […]