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Legends and Monsters - The Big Bad Wolf

Myths, Legends and Monsters – The Big Bad Wolf

Sit down again with  the Escapologist as she discusses the origins of the werewolf myth—how it differs from Lycanthropy and its links to the witch trials. She tells the tale of Peter Stumpp and of Rougarou in Cajun folklore. Myths, Legends and Monsters – The Big Bad Wolf

Good Mourning America Elections

THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: Good Mourning America – Episode 25

HIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: Good Mourning America – Episode 25 Join your hosts Lorcan Black and Jeff Bowling for a special midterm election edition of Good Mourning America! On this episode Lorcan and Jeff interview New Hampshire State Representative Brandon Phinney about his time in politics, the Army National Guard, leaving the Republican party for the Libertarian party, the Free State Project and his current bid for reelection in New Hampshire Good Mourning America is your source for news and current events from a Satanic perspective only on the Third Side Network.

Sinister Screen Returns

The Sinister Screen RETURNS!

The Sinister Screen was first launched in February of 2005 as a project of the now-defunct Church of Satan Special Interest Groups. Since then, it had become an independent forum for movies of general interest to Satanists and others of like-mind. The site took a long hiatus but has returned with a revamped format. Review submission requests are open to Church of Satan members only and we will verify your membership before approval. All reviews must be focused, well-written, and reasonably connected to Satanism and the Satanic philosophy. As of present, discussion privileges have been and will continue to be […]

Rise of "The Satanic Unease"

The Rise of “The Satanic Unease” by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

The Rise of “The Satanic Unease” Devil worship has long been used by writers of fiction and makers of moving images as a choice from moldy rosters of “quick and easy villainy and excitement.” A silent 1928 porn short made in France titled Messe Noir depicts a female neophyte’s ritual initiation into a “Satanic Cult” with explicit scenes of ritual sex meant to stimulate viewers with something forbidden. That began the cavalcade of Devil cults appearing in films and TV shows, a phenomenon that seems to come in waves, often when there are societal tensions and widespread xenophobia. Pervasive fears […]



CITIZEN VALEFAR PRESENTS:  IDLE HANDS EPISODE: GAMING FROM A THIRD SIDE PERSPECTIVE EPISODE 5 Join your host, Citizen Valefar, for the latest installment of the gaming focused web series where he discusses Satanism and how it relates to gaming and gaming culture. This episode comes from the convention Gamestorm in Portland, Oregon. Citizen V was asked to speak at a convention focused on the Satanic Perspective in regards to games, both in play and in creation. Tune in as we cover a range of topics from the super-normal, morality without a compass, and what guilt-free gaming really looks like! All […]

Law of the Trapezoid Hard Enamel Satanic Cloisonné Lapel Pin

Law of the Trapezoid Hard Enamel Satanic Cloisonné Lapel Pin

Shady Veneration Media  – Custom Designed & Limited Edition Satanic Jewelry from the depths of Baltimore. Unavailable anywhere else, these pins are a one time limited run, custom designed & manufactured by Shady Veneration Media as a benefit fundraiser on behalf of our friend Les Hernandez. Celebrate The Law of The Trapezoid and Die Elektrischen Vorspiel with a luxurious, bold aesthetic of substantial Satanic elegance. Each pin is individually die-struck, filled with black enamel, then baked at high temperature to harden. Next, each pin is then individually polished to a smooth surface finish and metallic shine. Size of the pin is […]

Purging Talon 25th Anniversary

The Purging Talon 25th Anniversary Podcast Special

The Purging Talon 25th Anniversary Podcast Special In this nearly two-hour special, Purging Talon Executive Director, Matt G. Paradise takes you on a comprehensive retrospective journey through the first 25 years of this media company’s output. Highlights include: – The pre-history of Purging Talon: The Slam Compactor, Pubic Itch – The premiere of Poo Poo Magazine – The zine culture of the 1990s – The controversies that followed us – Not Like Most, its popularity and influence – One-offs and various limited releases from Purging Talon: Flames From The Internet, Superhighway To Hell (print edition) – The “lost” projects: Poo […]

The Metal Grotto

The Metal Grotto has Returned!

DJ Warlock Hell on Wheels returns with a Halloween special, with a possible special guest!   Be sure to be in front of your TV sets for the big giveaway at 9! 😉 Only On Radio Free Satan! Stream Episode #60 Download Episode #60

Happy Halloween from The Black House


Halloween is a favored holiday for many Satanists. We enjoy it as a time for viewing favorite spooky films—the immortal monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man often as presented by Universal or Hammer, or some of the ghostly classics such as THE HAUNTING, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, THE INNOCENTS. It may serve as the night one evokes the thrill of “fun fear” by experiencing local “haunted attractions,” be they darkly majestic or simply cobbled together with a sense of spooky fun. It has long been an occasion for wearing masks and costumes that might be sinister, amusing, heroic, or seductive—diabolically revealing […]

Hail Godzilla! A spoken word and music video.


HAIL GODZILLA! From the creative team that brought you last Halloween’s treat, H.P. Lovecraft’s “Hallowe’en in a Suburb”, comes the heart-felt ode “Hail, Godzilla!” A spoken word/music video honoring the King of Monsters—Godzilla!  Jimmy Psycho explains how this project came to be: “It was such a pleasure to work with these gentlemen last year on H.P. Lovecraft’s “Hallowe’en in a Suburb”, our first collaborative effort. When it came time to thinking about a project for this year, I recalled Magus Gilmore’s “Godzilla writings” and Andy Howl’s The Devils Reign III: Daikaiju” book (available at Gene Lavergne did such a […]