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The Liberty Posters by Ragnar Redbeard & Benjamin DeCasseres Now Available

Underworld Amusements proudly presents two posters from two of their published authors, Benjamin DeCasseres and Ragnar Redbeard, approaching American Liberty at two different angles. ORDER NOW   Benjamin DeCasseres personifies America in an unironic celebration of the history of the nation titled “I Am the United States.” DeCasseres was a thorough-going anti-German, and this poster, originally released by the National Republic magazine in the 1940s, was his drum-beat to go to war against the totalitarian states abroad. Our new edition was scanned from the original and colorized. The second approach to Liberty, by “Might is Right” author Ragnar Redbeard, advocates not war […]

Hail Independence!

INDEPENDENCE DAY: America the Fragile?

Once again, we mark the anniversary of The Declaration of Independence, that traitorous 1776 statement which lead to the foundation of the United States of America. Those colonials who wanted to shed foreign rule ostensibly intended their territorial union to be a secular republic—a most unusual endeavor in the annals of human history. As a philosophy of individualism and self-determination, Satanism’s fundamental principals endorse “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as promised fundamental “rights” that should be ensconced in a governmental system serving all participating in that society. Yet, from that auspicious conceptual beginning, not all under the newly-crafted […]

The Devils Mischief #654 Celebrates George Carlin

Visit the newly-designed, the definitive online guide to the work of misanthropic comedian George Carlin. To celebrate the relaunch, Magister Bill M. plays some of Carlin’s work in the latest episode of The Devil’s Mischief. Stream The Devil’s Mischiel #654 Download The Devil’s Mischief #654

Vox Satanae: #521, 15th - 21st Centuries

Vox Satanae – Episode #521: 15th-21st Centuries – Weeks of June 21 and 28, 2021

Vox Satanae – Episode #521 15th-21st Centuries We hear works by Gilles Binchois, Robert Fayrfax, Hans Leo Hassler, Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, Étienne-Nicolas Méhul, Jan Crisóstomo Arriaga, Henri Duparc, Cornelius Cardew, and Mark Simpson. 142 Minutes – Weeks of June 21 and 28, 2021 Stream Vox Satanae Episode 521. Download Vox Satanae Episode 521.

Fall River

JD Sword: ‘Fall River’ identifies another victim of the Satanic Panic

Before QAnon spread online conspiracy theories about satanic pedophile elites drinking children’s blood, credulous TV talk show hosts and journalists were causing mass hysteria with stories about child abuse, murder, and animal sacrifice during a period of time often called the “Satanic Panic.” One of these sensational cases is the subject of the latest true crime docuseries from Blumhouse Productions, Fall River. …Ultimately, the Fall River Murders were just one of many examples of alleged cult crimes which have never been substantiated. This isn’t to say that, in some cases, singularly disturbed individuals never commit crimes with ritualistic tableau, but […]

Khan at The Black House

Superlative Solstice!

From our garden here at The Black House—where our Chow Khan is enjoying the verdant grass—we offer Solstice greetings to all in harmony with the Earth’s seasonal changes! In the Northern Hemisphere, we embrace the longest day of the year as sultry Summer begins. Those in the Southern Hemisphere mark the longest night as Winter initiates its gelid dominion. As many around the globe are emerging from pandemic strictures, connecting with the fecundity of our glorious home world is a means towards replenishing one’s vitality. As Nature flourishes, we joyfully note that we are also part of it, and that […]

Church of Satan Juneteenth Banner

Church of Satan Celebrates Juneteenth!

Recently adopted as an American national holiday, the Church of Satan celebrates independence, sovereignty, and emancipation from imposed servitude on this Juneteenth, 2021. Our unique banner design for this holiday includes 19 vertices between the two stars, to mark the date, while the central star is inverted to symbolize our carnal philosophy, which has always championed liberty and individualism. To Self-Determination—Hail Freedom! Florence Beatrice Price‘s Symphony No. 1 in E Minor (completed in 1932) was the first symphonic orchestral composition by an African-American female composer to be played by a prominent orchestra—the Chicago Symphony Orchestra—in 1933. The piece was awarded […]

Metal Grotto with DJ Hell On Wheels

The Metal Grotto Episode 96 “Nine Years”

This week’s show marks my ninth year as a part of our Infernal Cabal. It wasn’t easy figuring out what tracks to use, and who to thank, but I trust that you, my listeners, will enjoy the selections. Here’s to many more years! Hail Satan! DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels Stream The Metal Grotto Episode 96. Download The Metal Grotto Episode 96.

Chaos Sedated #181 (Dark Ambient, Industrial Podcast)

Reverend Raul Antony presents a dark ambient mix featuring In The Absence of Words, Northumbria, Gruntsplatter & Wilt, raison d’être, Hasufel, Skincage, and more. Support the artists on this program by checking out the links in the playlist below. Stream the episode on Mixcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, or download directly below. Special thanks to Annihilvs Power Electronics, Scott Candey, Phage Tapes, Cyclic Law/retortae, Cryo Chamber, and Pacific Threnodies. Download the episode at In The Absence of Words – A Search for Silence Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 – Drakhuvud Northumbria – Idyll Long The Night – Immaculate Perception […]