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Satanic Apocrypha by David SInclair-Smith

The Satanic Apocrypha by David Sinclair-Smith

Sourced from the translations of texts of several cultures, THE SATANIC APOCRYPHA compiles the complete story of SATAN in one book. This volume is a compilation of myths, poems and writings that have inspired or given voice to the story of Satan, from a Satanic perspective, as a single cohesive source of linear storytelling. Published by Aperient Press Invoke your copy NOW from Lulu  

The Satyr of New Orleans by Grigori T. Cross

The Satyr of New Orleans by Grigori T. Cross

Through a partnership with Infernal Ink Books, Warlock Grigori T. Cross unleashes his newest creation upon the world! Rita Carson is a young woman on a personal mission to take in as much of the musical atmosphere and sounds the city of New Orleans has to offer. Early in her exploration of the city’s clubs and restaurants, the beautiful Rita encounters a mysterious stranger who quickly and fully invades her thoughts and fantasies. Dubbed by locals as simply ‘The Count,’ there is more to this man than meets the eyes, and his eyes are locked on Rita. The Satyr of […]

Magister Hernandez and Warlock Silva

In Memoriam Magister Les Hernandez

A Tribute to Magister Les Hernandez by Warlock Michael K. Silva At 3:30 a.m., February 19, 2019, my very dear and very close friend Magister Les Hernandez lost his fight with cancer. Les was an exemplar of Satanism. He was well-versed in the Satanic philosophy and very articulate when speaking about Satanism, whether through his writings or his interactions with people in person or online via social media. He accomplished a lot in his life, and he lived his life his way and forged his own path. I’ve known Les for nearly forty years, having met him while we were […]

Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae – Episode 426 – 167 Minutes – Week of February 18, 2019

This week we hear the 1000th composer with works by Jacobus Vaet, Daniel Bacheler, Kaspar Förster, Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant, Joan Baptista Pla i Agustí, José Maurício Nunes Garcia, Alexis de Castillon, Frederick Shepherd Converse, and Pēteris Vasks with performances by Capella Mariana, Capella Ornamentata, Vojtĕch Semerád, Nigel North, Kai Wessel, Krzysztof Szmyt, Grzegorz Zychowicz, Il Tempo Baroque Ensemble, Agata Sapiecha, Daniel Rothert, Vanessa Young, Ketil Haugsand, Bruce Haynes, The Baroque Orchestra, Frans Brüggen, Szu-Wen Wang, Darlene Cluff, Keely J. Rhodes, Jeffrey Jones-Ragona, Phillip D. Hill, Peter Hamilton, The University of Texas at Austin Chamber Singers and Orchestra, James […]

Darkness, the avatar of Lust

May Lust and Sensuality Reign!

A Fine Day to Celebrate Your Carnality! Perhaps you are aroused to conjure the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia? Or you might find inspiration via the traditional date to share tokens of romantic love with those who have aroused your passions? For whatever reasons, may all you horny, life-loving devils enjoy a lust-filled day—as well as a musk-filled night—with your exciting, eager partners! It is a fine occasion to responsibly partake of the sensual joys that nature offers for, indeed, we are all animals! —Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Rewriting the Future Flyer

Re-writing the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism & Psychoanalysis Conference

Magister Carl Abrahamsson and Vanessa Sinclair present this once-in-a-life time conference on esoteric modernism and psychoanalysis. This event will also feature a presentation by Magistra Blanche Barton on Satanism and the Church of Satan. More information at, press release below: Registration is now OPEN! Events will take place over 3 days: Thursday – Saturday, May 30 – June 1, 2019. The first two days proceedings will be held at Schloß Pienzenau & the third and final day will be at  Brunnenburg Castle once the home of Ezra Pound, whose grandson Siegfried de Rachewiltz will be joining us. The castles are located in the beautiful mountains […]

Vox Satanae


Vox Satanae turns 10 today! Episode 001 – The Week of February 9, 2009 In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Vox Satanae, we hear how it all began with works by Thomas Tallis, Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Richard Strauss, Jerry Goldsmith, and Philip Glass. Stream Episode #1 Encore. Download Episode #1 Encore.

CANDYBOY — The Sulphur Blues

CANDYBOY — The Sulphur Blues

“The Sulfur Blues” is an instrumental blues melt with classical music and contemporary acoustic sounds composed by Candyboy. His first acoustic tour in the U.S. is listed below.   “While I was writing The Sulfur Blues, I imagined the mist of sulfur coming out of the infernal regions. Sulfur in alchemy is the symbol of the final transformation and this is my last transformation against the musical tendencies of the masses. The adamantine gates have opened, the sulphur will be out!”   3/23 Decatur, Atlanta – The Square 3/25 Nashville – Famous Saloon 3/25 Nashville – Bluebird Cafe 3/26 Indianapolis […]

Metal Breakfast Radio Dave at 50

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 42.1

“All around my…” Dave turns 50! Usually on these celebratory occasions — or when he does a show alone, as he is this time — then it’s an indulgent episode. But NO, for this one Dave gives in to indulgence and returns the favour to boss of Transcending Obscurity Records by promoting the label sampler for 2019. Though there’s a minor indulgence toward the end; during the show Dave spins a demo version of a track from triple-fronted death metal monsters TROIKADON. This song only features Kam Lee on vocals (Karl and Dave have yet to record their parts) so […]

The Devil's Trill: Classical Music


Classical guitarist and DJ, Warlock Sonny Bellavance, is back with The Devil’s Trill on Radio Free Satan featuring your favorite classical works. In this episode we hear works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Mozart, Mussorgsky, and more. Stream Download

The Metal Grotto

The Metal Grotto Episode 63 “Lords Of Chaos Special”

With the forthcoming release of the film “Lords Of Chaos”—based upon the book by the same name—DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels shares tracks from that era, along with his somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. Featuring bands that influenced Norway’s infamously bloody second wave of Black Metal, with a few surprises tossed in. Only on Radio Free Satan Stream Episode 63 Download Episode 63

Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae – Episode 424 – 149 Minutes – Week of January 28 2019

This week we hear works by Giuseppe Tartini, Hyacinthe Jadin, Adolf Lindblad, Mieczysław Karłowicz, Veselin Stoyanov, and Detlev Glanert with performances by Hélène Schmitt, The Luceram Ensemble, Patrick Cohen, The Swedish Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra, Gustav Sjökvist, The Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Humala, Anatoli Krastev, The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stanislav Ushev, The BBC Symphony Orchestra, and Markus Stenz. Stream Episode 424 Download Episode 424