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Stand Alone: The Works of Benjamin DeCasseres | Three Volumes

In 1936 Benjamin DeCasseres took it upon himself to try to publish as much of his own work as he could. He paid for the printing himself through “Blackstone Publishers.” In the following three years he published 23 booklets resulting in over 1,200 pages of material. These booklets were bound into three volumes and released as The Works of Benjamin DeCasseres in a limited edition. This trilogy is being released as three issues of the Stand Alone journal project. This is a facsimile edition, with continuous folios and tables of contents added. Available from: Underworld Amusements Volume One 1. Exhibitionism: A New Theory of Evolution (1936) 2. The […]

Chaos Sedated #179 (Industrial, Dark Ambient Podcast)

Reverend Raul Antony presents a mix of death industrial and dark ambient featuring new music from Gruntsplatter, The Corvidae Cabal, The Vomit Arsonist, Dødsmaskin, Moral Order, Prurient, Svenska Likbränningsföreningen and more. Stream the episode on Mixcloud, Spotify and YouTube, or use the download link at Full tracklist and Bandcamp links available at: PODCAST: Chaos Sedated #179

Dr. Phibes in the Satanic Film List

Satanic Sources: Anton LaVey’s Film List Refreshed!

What makes a film Satanic? It doesn’t require overt devils and demons. It can be a musical, a crime drama, or even a comedy. Satanic films often have a certain evocative atmosphere. They can be old and almost forgotten or perhaps they’re offensive to society at large. Maybe they are rare and hard to find. These are a few among the many possible traits that can make a film truly Satanic. Magus Anton LaVey‘s list of films, first published in Magistra Blanche Barton‘s THE CHURCH OF SATAN (1990), has been given a perceptive commentary by Warlock G. Edwin Taylor, which […]

"The Horns" by Warlock Anthony Michael

“The Horns” by Brimstone Productions

Sculpted by 10+ year toy industry professional, Warlock Anthony Michael, “The Horns” is a resin cast art piece conjured up straight from Hell! Each sculpture is painstakingly hand painted in a faux antiqued bronze finish. Perfect as an altarpiece or decor for your study or library. To purchase, further details may be obtained by writing: [email protected]

Jimmy Psycho Experiment with Queen Bee Cabaret

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment returns to Cincinnati with the Queen Bee Cabaret!

THIS THURSDAY NIGHT! The Jimmy Psycho Experiment returns to Cincinnati with the Queen Bee Cabaret! Thu, May 20, 2021, 8:00 PM EDT Join us for a night of live music, craft cocktails and burlesque! Hosted by: Mr. Bee Music by: The Jimmy Psycho Experiment Performances by: Scarlett Chaton Johnny Bee Lily Datura Madame Mira Live music starts at 8pm and show to follow. Comfort Station 793 East McMillan Street Cincinnati, OH 45206 Queen Bee Cabaret- A Burlesque and Variety Show Tix and Info

Metal Grotto with DJ Hell On Wheels

The Metal Grotto Episode 94: Swedish Black Metal

This week, DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels features the fury that is Swedish Black Metal, with tracks by Dark Funeral, Marduk, and others. Stream The Metal Grotto Episode 94. Download The Metal Grotto Episode 94. Only On Radio Free Satan!

Vox Satanae #517: 16th-21st Centuries

Vox Satanae – Episode #517: 16th-21st Centuries – Week of May 10, 2021

Vox Satanae – Episode #517 16th-21st Centuries 146 Minutes – Week of May 10, 2021 This week we hear works by Orazio Vecchi, Michel Lambert, François Francœur, Franciszek Ścigalski, Joseph Rheinberger, Eduard Tubin, and Andrea Tarrodi. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 517. Download Vox Satanae Episode 517.