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The Metal Grotto Episode 75: “Primacy: Music As Ritual”

“Primacy: Music As Ritual” This week’s episode is more of an intimate one, as I’ve chosen to share with my listeners a selection of tracks that are either similar to those used in a ritual setting, or direct examples.  There will be artists you’ve heard before, and some, perhaps, you never expected… Only On Radio Free Satan! Stream The Metal Grotto Episode 75. Download The Metal Grotto Episode 75.

Tales From The Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel

Tales From The Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel

Award-winning purveyor of fine porn, Dave’s Custom Media, offers the first in a series of hardcore erotic fantasies: Tales From the Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel. Inspired by Pope Francis’ admission that Roman Catholic priests abused nuns and subjected them to sexual slavery, this film presents an imagined situation wherein a nun is held as a concubine in a subterranean chamber in the Vatican with the purpose of her being the conduit for the apocalypse in a bizarre  S&M sex ritual. The film has the atmosphere of a vintage “stag film,” and is presented as a look into a […]

Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae – Episode 448 – Week of September 02, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 448 – 145 Minutes – Week of September 02, 2019 This week we hear works by Antoine Brumel, Luis de Milán, Johann Kapsberger, Johann Pachelbel, Gottlieb Muffat, Christoph Weyse, Vincent d’Indy, and Frederic Rzewski. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 448. Download Vox Satanae Episode 448.

Episode 6: David Harris | Amen with JC Best

Episode 6: David Harris | Amen with JC Best

Amen With Jc Best Published on Aug 27, 2019 Watch JC fight the Church of Satan in the newest episode of Amen w/ JC Best. Welcome to Amen, a weekly church service conducted by disgraced preacher JC Best.

Der Rabe: Satanism in German

Der Rabe: Updates to our German Language Outpost

Der Rabe: Updates to our German Language Outpost Satanic book list. Satanic movie list: Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Weicherei überall (originally published in The Black Flame, Volume 6, numbers 1 & 2, 1997, and The Satanic Scriptures, 2007) And a new essay by Priest V. Noir.

Evergroove LIVE! presents: The Wedding Funeral // The Drowning Sonata

The YouTube Premiere of the Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live!

The YouTube Premiere of the Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live! In conjunction with QSC and Warm Audio, Evergroove Studios presents the YouTube premiere of the Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live!webcast. Recorded live on the Wedding Funeral’s Anguish Across America Tour, the performance was originally broadcasted unedited on Facebook Premiere and is now available for free viewing in playlist form at the Wedding Funeral’s homepage music section: The Wedding Funeral is the gothic-americana brainchild of alternative punk-blues musician Darren Deicide and choral-trained Ethel Lynn Oxide. The performance includes “The Drowning Sonata”, “Mannequin”, “You’ll Be Safe When You’re Dead”, “Tabitha’s Lullaby”, […]

Darren Deicide


This Saturday is the inauguration of American Dissonance Festival at NJ Weedman’s Joint in Trenton, NJ. This will be the first of its kind, a full-on punk rock festival with multiple stages, food, and vendors in support of the sanctuary at NJ Weedman’s Joint. You don’t want to miss it, and not just because I am doing another solo set after coming out of the woodwork. There is going to be a killer lineup of punk rock talent bringing its support. “Countdown to American Dissonance Festival: The Punks and Such” at Stanky Hampster American Dissonance Festival presented by Stanky Hampster […]

ROLLINS: The Myth of Natural Rights

L.A. Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights—expanded edition!

Nine-Banded Books and Underworld Amusements are pleased to announce the release of a massively expanded edition of L.A. Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights. Available from: | Nine-Banded Books | Underword Amusements Marked by an incisive moral skepticism seldom encountered in libertarian discourse, Rollins’ original 1985 tract presented a blistering critique of one of the central tenets of the liberal  ⁠— and libertarian ⁠—  worldview: the idea that humans have unalienable rights merely because they are alive. While Rollins was not the first to question the philosophical basis for natural rights, his monograph received attention for its hard-hitting style and for its confrontational engagement with the arguments of the most recognized individualist advocates of […]