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The ZOMBIES!! Episode #5 is now available at and on iTunes Podcasts. ZOMBIES!!! have invaded the streets and structures of your city! Will you become a tasty morsel for the undead or will you “nut up” and destroy the “walking dead”? ZOMBIES!!! from Twilight Creations Inc. is a fast and furious, competitive game where you have to use your luck of the dice, wits, and strategy to be either the first to kill 25 zombies or the first to make your way to the safety of the helipad where you can make your grand escape in the helicopter. Who will be […]

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Readers in Venezuela can find a feature length article on Satanism and Magus Peter H. Gilmore’s book “Las Escrituras Satanicas” in the new issue of Exceso, number 253. Writer Rubén Machaen ( @remachaen ) interviewed Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter and was given early access to sections of the new Spanish translation of Gilmore’s book. In his article, he also interviews representatives of the Catholic faith, the predominant religion of Venezuela, and discusses some of the misunderstandings of the Roman Catholic Church and the common people in regards to Satanism as a religion. Los lectores en Venezuela pueden hallar un reportaje […]

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The fourth issue of The Nightmare Engine has been released and is now available in two formats: paperback and eBook. Grab your copy now!

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VASCA Radio – Episode 29 Welcome V.A.S.C.A. Agents to episode #29 of VASCA Radio. The episode explores offerings from The Quintessentials, Danse dE Sade, and Gyps Fulvus. Returning guest, J.D. Bones offers new ideas for Greater Magic discussion and joins in on our Pranks segment. Warlock Tier Instinct reviews The Lords Of Salem and your hosts air their tracks of the week. Listen now at!

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Dawn of Ashes – Poisoning the Steps of Babel Music Video Chris Trueman brings his nightmarish vision once again for band Dawn of Ashes. Church of Satan member since 2004, this is his third music video he has produced and directed for Dawn of Ashes. The music video was filmed at Linda Vista Hospital, considered one of America’s most haunted buildings.  “The latest video to combine intense music and gruesome surrealism is Poisoning the Steps of Babel, the new track from Dawn of Ashes. Fronted by Kristof Bathory, the extreme industrial metallers released a new album earlier this year, Anathema, to positive […]

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Thursday, August 8th, 2013, Afton Shows presents a showcase of heavy Americana featuring Darren Deicide.  The showcase will take place at Matchless in Brooklyn, NY and tickets are for sale in advance.  Buy your ticket by this Sunday for $7, in advance for $10, and at the door for $13.  Tickets can be put on will call by contacting, or go to You can still take advantage of the $7 advance tickets if you contact by Sunday or by applying the promo code DARREN374 when buying online.

Satanists take a stand for women’s rights

Satanists take a stand for women’s rights The Dark Lord is back in the headlines after a sect of satanists crashed an anti-abortion rally in the US. Magus Peter H. Gilmore comments on women’s rights.


A self-proclaimed Satanist group has recently gotten media attention, though one may wonder if it is a political activist prank rather than a legitimate philosophical organization. Mounting public stunts geared to be as obnoxious as those perpetrated by certain Christian activist groups suggests that they are looking to leverage contemporary social media and blog culture so as to grab people’s attention. It’s working. But is it provoking thought or simply making Satanism look as ridiculous as the theist belief systems that are being mocked? Their web site lifts many concepts from the literature of the Church of Satan, but one […]


CNN asked us where we stand on the abortion issue and Magus Gilmore made comments which were excerpted for this Belief Blog.  

Magister Netherworld’s video tarot card readings have been launched! (Source:

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THE GROTESQUE & THE SUBLIME: THE ART OF M. DEMPSEY Brandishing anti-theistic themes whilst entrenched in left-hand path ideology, Satanic artist Mortimer Dempsey (né Scott Aaron Stine) and his art explores the fine line between beauty and the macabre through haunting images and rich textures. Although most of his current work gravitates between surrealism and abstract expressionism, the influence of classical painting is palpable, with strong leanings towards the gothic. Museum quality reproductions of this dark and eclectic artist’s work can now be purchased directly from Saatchi Online. Each print is available in a range of sizes and paper quality, and can […]

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The Mansions of Madness await you! Do you dare to enter, or will you “turn your eyes and walk away”? Don’t be afraid! Find out what awaits in the Mansions of Madness. Will the cultists culminate their sinister scheme, or will the investigators discover an objective that allows them to uncover the mystery surrounding the Inner Sanctum. You will only know if you stay tuned to A Dangerous Meeting Podcast and indulge in the thick plot of Fantasy Flight Games’ Mansions of Madness – The Inner Sanctum!