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Dr. Robert Ing, mentalist and mind reader, provides an entertaining unconventional and sometimes controversial look into the reality of the things most wonder about. From live demonstrations of the magic of the mind, the paranormal, mentalism and numerology to insights and perspectives on the dark and secret world of the supernatural and unsolved mysteries, he delivers a practical awareness that is simply Dr. Robert Ing’s Perception. Dr. Robert Ing’s Perception is an ongoing international series of live audience participant lectures where everyone present witnesses firsthand demonstrations of precognition, telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind reading, clairvoyance, precise intuition, numerology, the ability to physically […]

Magistra Ruth Waytz on KOBRA

The Swedish cultural TV show KOBRA did an episode about occultism which, like many before in English, dwells primarily upon the resurgence of occult movements during the 1960s. There are the usual clips from SATANIS as well as Kenneth Anger’s MAGIC LANTERN CYCLE films. Here is the link to the episode which is about a half hour in length. The part dealing with the Church of Satan begins at 12:27 and Magistra Waytz is featured between 12:59 and 15:20.

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Good news for Coop fans who’ve been waiting to buy from! We’re back in stock on the regular editions of Devil’s Advocate and THE BIG FAT ONE, plus a few other goodies –  Links to all the items in the latest Coopstuff blog post:

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Hawaiian Express Records is now accepting PRE-ORDERS for The Quintessentials’ double-album, REALM OF THE GREAT OLD ONES! This is 5th full release by The Quintessentials! Those who pre-order (scroll link to item HE125) stand a good chance at getting their copies before or by the release date! Release date: April 30, 2012. This album features the guest talents of Eric Ouellet (all drums), Rob Benny (keyboards), and Tibbie X Kamikaze (guest vocals), with cover art painted by Rev. Daniel Byrd (

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Edited by writer and Church of Satan member Hydra M. Star, No One Makes It out Alive: an end of the world anthology is a short collection of writings about the end of the world. The genres and subject matter of the included stories stretch from zombies to nuclear war and from comedy to erotica, with mostly everything else covered in-between. Also featured in this volume are the works of Tibbie X and Priestess Josephine Seven.

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An Epic Sci-Fi Action Novel By Ari Bach For sale on as a Paperback ( or PDF ( available on Amazon Kindle (

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Today we celebrate the achievements of Magus Anton Szandor LaVey on the anniversary of his birth. His courage in creating an anti-occult, pragmatic, materialist perspective when so many about him were rushing into escapist spiritual doctrines showed his intransigent dedication that a carnal religion was due as an antidote to the vapid pipe dreams being offered by most others. His intuitions were unique, capsulizing a human type which already existed but had not previously been properly named. The earthy outsiders now had a resonant moniker and a coherent philosophy which reflected their nature. We give him a horned salute and […]

Darren Deicide at Division Street Music

Division Street Music presents A special in-store show! Darren Deicide Wet Wolf No Use for Humans Jesse from Accidental Seabirds FREE! 7pm Division Street Music, 19 Division St., Somerville, NJ For more information or directions, contact Division Street Music at (908) 334-2923 Tonight I will be playing a unique in-store show at Division Street Music in Somerville, NJ.  I will be premiering a new song called “Devil Woman Blues”, a take on the traditional “Devil Got My Woman” by Skip James, as well as sprinkling the set with a bit more acoustic songs for the guitar nerds. Rock n’ Roll –Darren D

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Now available from Dark Moon Press! The Ninth Gate Magazine 1-6 was a underground magazine for Goths, Satanists and horror fans.This publication is the entire series of collection with never before released issue seven in The Ninth Gate Magazine: Into the Inferno! At $29.99 (plus $5 s/h) it is half the total price of the originals. It features Satanists such as Magister Paradise, Marilyn Mansfield,  Reverend Shiva Rodriguez, Priestess Helena of Dark Candles, Storm at Art on You Studios, and a plethora of artists, musicians and articles appear in it. 300 pages and 8.5 x 11 inches! Please send payment via Paypal or […]

More Video

We’ve added more videos to our YouTube channel and we have premiered a video on our Vimeo channel in which Magus Gilmore speaks about the 6-6-06 event. The video on Vimeo has been presented at a large image size even though the footage was rendered to SD. Please adjust your player accordingly.

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment

Visit the website for The Jimmy Psycho Experiment to hear a lounge version of “THE MUNSTER’S THEME” from the upcoming horror/tiki/lounge CD to be released later this year.