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Hail Gluttony!

We note that today, here in the U.S., is the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival amongst Christian pilgrims who came to the “New World.” As such, it was a celebration of the hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come, demonstrating a harmony with the cycling of Nature. While their thanks may have been directed at their mythical deity, it was really earned by the productive folks who cultivated, harvested, and now were appreciating the bounty wrought by their toil. Similar holidays existed in pre-Christian societies and always were […]

Church of Satan Book and Film Lists Return!

Just in time for Black Friday, the original book and film lists approved by Magus LaVey and published in Magistra Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan have been posted to the Sources page at There are links so that the books and films can be purchased from, which offers many discounts for this week’s Black Friday sales event. So, purchase a diabolical book or movie for yourself or someone you cherish. Some are rare or in limited supply. We suggest that you act quickly so as not to miss some infernally intriguing treasures. Church of Satan Book List: […]

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Flyer designed by "Eric Draven" of Action Adventure Comics

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Leonardo Casas is participating in an exhibition titled "Star System" exploring artists’ vision regarding the ideas of pop stardom and icons. The gallery is Submundo Arte (Underworld Art). Located in Malaquías Concha 0345, Ñuñoa, Barrio Italia, Santiago de Chile. The show will be on display until December 19th.

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In the deepest shadows of the night… When the moon is drained of all its light…  The Devil’s Diary XIX Apocalypse Issue features The 3rd Degree interview with Prometheus of VASCA Radio by Warlock Tier Instinct, The Devil In Gotham City, Seasons In Hell, Halloween Rite, Lycanthropic Weight-Training (a werewolf perspective), Skeletal Orchestra (Ossuary instruments). Satanic Serenades features poetry from Robert Leuthold & James M. Geary III, with horror anthology ‘Devil’s Gate’. The Shadow Gallery presents “Death Vacation” sculpture by artist Bruce Baird. Noctuarium multimedia reviews include Dark Shadows, Mockingbird Lane, more; Satanic Panic Archive; Scroll book reviews ‘No One Makes […]

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In honor of the observance today of the U.S. holiday Veterans Day, we once again stand at attention and snap a horned salute to all of our military members worldwide, serving under the flags of many nations, whether you be veterans, reservists, or on active duty. Your chosen service is deeply appreciated, profoundly respected, and always remembered. You honor us through your bravery, assuring our continued freedom through the exercise of vigilance and applied force. Hail to thee, defenders of liberty! Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

Celebrate a great secularist by recalling his contributions to the popularization of science and the exploration of the cosmos. Visit the Center for Inquiry’s site for a plethora of information and images:

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Warlock Corvis Nocturnum was a guest on the Jeff Belanger show, 30 Odd Minutes, discussing the origins of The Devil and the contemporary influences of this powerful archetype. The show is now available here:

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Due to Hurricane Sandy this night has been completely transformed, as have some of our lives. Despite the odds, we have gotten the go ahead from Otto’s Shrunken Head to do this show and we think after a trying week, New York City needs a damn good party! Unfortunately, Dolly Rocker Ragdoll skipped town to escape the hurricane, Black Cat Xing had to cancel, and Naughty Bits will not be doing the streamed episode. Nevertheless, we still have a full lineup of burlesque, music, and magic! Let’s shake the dust off and celebrate the fact that Otto’s Shrunken Head is still […]