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Anton Bruckner died before he could complete the final movement of his Ninth Symphony, a work filled with struggle, anguish, terror, and majesty. For many years only the first three movements have been regularly performed. The peerless Berlin Philharmonic lead by Sir Simon Rattle, a potent interpreter of late romantic scores, now offers us the full symphony with the finale realized by a brilliant team of “forensic” musicologists. Nicola Samale and Giuseppe Mazzuca began the reconstruction work over 20 years ago. Later they were joined by John A. Phillips and Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, the latter two having taken the lead in […]

Just added to our list of interviews on the Church of Satan’s YouTube channel. (Source:

The God Behind The Curtain by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

It should be obvious that the “gay marriage issue” exemplified in the recent vote in North Carolina rejecting such marriages is one of civil rights being abrogated by religion-fostered intolerance of American pluralism. When residents of that state are interviewed, supporters of the movement to ban not only marriage but also civil unions between same-sex couples always reveal that their God is somewhere behind why they “feel” that such couples are behaving in a way they find offensive. And that they have the right to put a stop to what they consider to be repulsive. Remember that God-believers always have […]

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Visit the Kickstarter page for an autographed print of the cover art. Pledges up to $200 get autographed pre-orders for the various versions of the books as they are released.  17 days to go, so do to hesitate!

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Co-founded and owned by Hydra M. Star and her artistic partner Dave Lipscomb, Infernal Ink Magazine is focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry of all genres, though they tend to favor pieces with a humorous, erotic, or sexual edge. In addition to fictions, they offer the reader non-fiction content in the same vein with columns, articles, and interviews exploring everything from music to the paranormal. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under the age of eighteen. Print Kindle Nook: PDF

9sense interview of Magus Peter H. Gilmore by Reverend Campbell broadcast Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S., version for YouTube. (Source:

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Hace cinco años, en la Noche de Walpurgis, anuncié junto a mi co-editor la realización de “The Satanic Scriptures”, escrito por el Sumo Sacerdote de la Iglesia de Satán, Peter H. Gilmore, es un libro fundamental en el Satanismo como una filosofía atea, moderna y epicúrea. Hoy anuncio a través desde mi propia casa editora, “Underworld Amusements”, que estoy preparando la realización de “Las Escrituras Satánicas”, la edición en español del mismo libro. La edición en Inglés fue lanzada en este sólido estuche y en tapa dura, pero necesito saber si puedo conseguir suficientes compradores interesados en esta edición en […]

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This Walpurgisnacht, 9sense brings you a very special episode. Your host Adam P Campbell sits down with the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Magus Peter H Gilmore. They have a candid discussion about Magus Gilmore, his early years with the Church of Satan, the transition of administration, and the future of the Church of Satan. They end the discussion with a very special announcement that you will not want to miss! Tune into on the week of April 29th, or download the episode on iTunes through the RSS feed found at Hail Satan!