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Farewell, Ernest Borgnine

One of the last of the great character actors passed away yesterday. Borgnine had a very long and varied career and often played roles portraying men who resorted to violence and brutality in the pursuit of their goals. THE WILD BUNCH and EMPEROR OF THE NORTH are two of my favorites. He will always be dear to Satanists for his role as Corbis in THE DEVIL’S RAIN, wherein he played a Satanic High Priest in this film for which Dr. LaVey served as an advisor. Dr. LaVey spoke to me warmly of his time in Durango with Borgnine for that […]

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A Horned Salute on Independence Day!

Satanism IS Americanism To sum up our political doctrine: Satanism IS Americanism in its purest form, with only the outdated moral codes altered to fit the times, and with recognition of the fact that only if man’s most basic instincts are satisfied can a nation receive his best. When it becomes common knowledge that we do not advocate or even approve of denial or desecration of such sacred American traditions as home, family, patriotism, personal pride, etc., but instead champion these things, our one-time opponents in “The Establishment” will not have a leg to stand on. Actually, in view of […]

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Black: A Novel by Mae Sekhmet “A cauldron of Satanic misconceptions in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District threatens to boil and overwhelm a vulnerable young woman on her lurid journey of self-discovery as she is caught in a web of fate between the man she loves and the deadly venom they will endure…”

Dinner with the High Priest

Christian columnist James A. Beverly recounts his meeting with Magus Peter H. Gilmore in the May/June 2012 edition of Canadian publication FAITH TODAY. The RELIGIONWATCH article can be read here:

Hate Crime Against Satanists?

This morning I was made aware of an event which happened in Mountain View, Colorado. A couple who are open to the public about their affiliation with the Church of Satan have chosen to decorate the exterior of their home with items most others might use for a kitschy, Halloween-themed effect. They had included a “Vote Satan” sign, likely as an expression of their reaction to local politics. One can read about the details and view a video interview with the couple here: As a general principle, I think the idea of “hate crimes” brings an aspect of nebulousness […]

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The new episode of Adam Campbell’s 9sense features an interview with our High Priestess Magistra Peggy Nadramia and Magister Joe Netherworld discussing their Cocktail Vultures venture, wherein you will hear some of the behind-the-shaker tales about the origin of the Call of Cthulhu cocktail as well as the infamous Vodka Blush.  Essential listening for those whose indulgences include imbibing rarified concoctions comprised of essential spirits!

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Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil – Now available at ASP Apparel! Introducing an exclusive range of products adorned with the official Anton Szandor LaVey Lightning Bolt Pentagram Sigil.  In addition to a full range of bespoke Apparel and Accoutrements emblazoned with Doktor LaVey’s Sigil, we are proud to also offer unique Lapel Pin Badges! These impressive and intricate one inch pieces are being launched with a Special £6.66 Discount for Church of Satan Members only* (Membership has its privileges).  Our items are officially licensed by the one and only Church of Satan. Accept no imitations!  *Verified by Satannet / LttD status or valid CoS membership card scan. Offer expires on […]

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HIPSTER HOLOCAUST LA PREMIERE!!! MIDNIGHT Friday the 13th Doors 11:30pm Laemmle’s Royal Theatre 11523 Santa Monica Blvd. West LA, 90025 $7.00 Thrust yourself into a bizarre domain where the ignorantly hip are violently pillaged of their worldly comforts in a 24 hour traipse through HELL!!!! Feature Film Presentation with Director and Cast Q&A! Free Raffle Prizes + Surprises! Facebook Event: Critics are calling HIPSTER HOLOCAUST: “Genuinely creepy” Rogue Cinema “An impressive film” “3 ½ Stars… a different level of psychopath” Film Threat HIPSTER HOLOCAUST A Feature Film by William Burgess Synopsis: Two strange men stumble into a mansion party and are caught […]

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The first issue of The Nightmare Engine contains seven horror tales written by artist and writer, Michael K. Silva.