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Magus Gilmore on Interfaith Voices

Magus Gilmore was interviewed for a podcast released on the Interfaith Voices web site. You can listen to this as streaming audio or download the file. Gilmore’s interview begins at the 35 minute 31 second mark. This is the link:

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Welcome listeners to the newly upgraded Radio Free Satan! We have now moved over to the well established WordPress blog format, which allows for each show to be its own podcast and RSS feed. 

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30 Years Of Oi: Never Surrender, 40+ tracks by 40+ bands, includes music by Maninblack. European / International orders:  [original link] North American orders: Vinyl LP set: CD Digipak:

The Devil’s Ponies

Our Reverend Slaughter has crafted a most entertaining video inspired by a crackpot comment he received. It deftly captures the fevered madness that festers in quite a few mini-minds who are obsessed with occult conspiracies. View it here:

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Celebrate Friday The 13th!

Today is “Friday the 13th,” and we Satanists enjoy the consternation a simple number can conjure amongst the superstitious. So, on this dreaded day, while the credulous cower we sally forth to indulge with gusto. Have a truly splendid day today and an even more enriching night, dear aficionados of the outré!

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Crawling Chaos was the very first genuinely Satanic Punk Rock band to come out of Honolulu, Hawaii, founded by Church of Satan members, Les Hernandez and Mike Silva. Our subject matter is heavily influenced by the writings of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey.

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Start the New Year in Satanic Style with our new Sig (Lightning Bolt) Pentagram products! Full range of officially licensed products emblazoned with Church of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore’s electrifying symbol now available at ASP Apparel. ASP Apparel Owner/Designer Warlock Ashley S. Palmer was recently interviewed on the 9sense Podcast. Listen to the 11th December episode to hear all about ASP Apparel, its creator and details of our Special Free Tie Offer exclusively for 9sense listeners! Download is available from: iTunes (11th December Episode)  Radio Free Satan   (ASP Apparel is discussed from 41:45)  

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Happiest of New Years!

Tomorrow begins year XLVII, Anno Satanas. The past year has been one of much testing. Many have shown their true mettle, standing strong thus giving us reason to pridefully acknowledge burgeoning mastery, while others have been deeply unimpressive, factoring themselves out of the equation. Meritocracy is merciless.  Moving into the second half of the third “Working Year” will continue to provide challenges to which our best shall rise while the lesser will bow out. The human arena rings with the clamor of clashing blades – a carillon of honor for the victorious; funerary tolling for the defeated. The Church of […]