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Mondo Slaughter: “Men versus the Man”, Mencken, La Monte, Derbyshire

Mondo Slaughter: “Men versus the Man”, Mencken, La Monte, Derbyshire kevinislaughter: Everything has come together perfectly for this new book, and we think it’s an essential purchase for the Social Darwinist, Menckenophile, Egoist or Reactionary Conservative. “Men versus the Man”H.L. MenckenRobert Rives La Montepreface byJohn Derbyshire UNDERWORLD…

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kevinislaughter: In his lecture The Great Satan, Satanic priest Kevin I. Slaughter discussed his love of iconoclasm. “If I were Jewish, I’d occasionally wear a t-shirt with the words Christ Killer on it.” He then designed the shirt, and ASP Apparel is making them. And even though he’s stillnot Jewish, he’ll occasionally wear it. The first collaboration between Underworld Amusements and ASP Apparel has arrived. Produced in the United Kingdom and shipped worldwide. Hoodies and long-sleeved variants available as well. ‘Tis the reason for the season, so let ‘em know you’d do it all over again. Order directly from:

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Tired of conventional, mediocre, sappy holiday music flooding the airwaves this time of year each year?  Then come on over and have One Hell of a Christmas!    Picking up where 2009’s Volume I left off, Metal For the Yuletide Season, Volume II is yet another no-holds-barred (snow)balls of steel Metal Christmas album that pokes fun at all of the holiday favorites that you love to hate!    Metal For the Yuletide Season, Volume II  is released on Krampusnacht (December 5th) 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, among other online digital stores.  It features two Original tracks (“Bah, Humbug!” and “Krampus!”), along with 8 old time standards (including an epic version […]

Viking Funeral for Ken Russell?

Here’s a link to a piece discussing Maestro Russell’s funeral wishes:

In Admiration of Ken Russell

Ken Russell will long be remembered as a film director who was highly skilled in putting his various passions on the screen. He employed extreme and vivid imagery energized by surreal juxtapositions. Classical music was an obsession for him and his bio-pics of composers ranged from the paroxysmic (THE MUSIC LOVERS – Tchaikovsky, LISZTOMANIA – Liszt and Wagner) to the profound (SONG OF SUMMER – Delius, MAHLER). He never flinched from depicting eroticism and sexuality and his adaptation of D. H. Lawrence’s WOMEN IN LOVE may be his finest exploration of that topic. Those who enjoy classic horror fiction will […]

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Hail Gluttony!

Today, here in the U.S., is the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving” which originated as a harvest festival amongst Christian pilgrims who came to the “New World.” As such, it was a celebration of the hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come, demonstrating a harmony with the cycling of Nature. Similar holidays existed in pre-Christian societies and always were meant as opportunities for earned excess. In practice, it has evolved over time into an occasion for gathering with family and overeating at a feast. Being Satanists, we naturally support this indulgent banquet, and may […]

Farewell, John Neville, and Good Night

John Neville was an actor whose presence graced many theaters and enhanced the small and large screens with class and magic. His essential portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in A STUDY IN TERROR was enhanced when I saw him perform as Holmes live on Broadway. But, Neville’s truly Satanic Baron Munchausen will remain his entry into the Olympus of inimitable characterizations. Hail to thee, master thespian! Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Warlock Nocturnum on Nocturnal Frequency Radio

Warlock Corvis Nocturnum will be the special guest on Nocturnal Frequency Radio, with host Alex Rondini, on Sunday, November 27 from 11pm to 1am EST. Discussed will be the the nature of the roles of members within the Church of Satan and many myths and disinformation will be dispelled.