image by Josh Stebbins "No Stars" pencil on paper 2019

“No Stars” an exhibition of Twin Peaks themed works in collaboration with vocalist Rebekah Del Rio

“No Stars” an exhibition of Twin Peaks themed works for the benefit of The Phillip C. DeMars Foundation, October 9 – 16 2019, at The Living Gallery Outpost in New York City. The exhibition is a collaboration with vocalist Rebekah Del Rio

The exhibition will feature a new suite of drawings by Josh Stebbins, as well as new works by Natan Alexander, Alexis Palmer Karl, Jen Bandini, Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, Daniel Gonçalves, Matthew Dutton, Barry William Hale, Blake Morrow and Jill Watson.

A special reception will take place October 10 from 5 – 10pm. Rebekah Del Rio will perform with renowned virtuoso cellist Dave Eggar.

The Phillip C. DeMars Foundation is a California Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation. We bring Art and Music to children in Children’s Hospitals and Foster Care Group homes. We really believe the arts help children learn through their creativity.

The Founder, Executive Director, and Mother of The Phillip C. DeMars Foundation, is Rebekah Del Rio, the singer from the movie Mulholland Drive by David Lynch and singer/collaborator on Twin Peaks, The Return. Ms. Del Rio lost her only child to cancer and she continues his legacy by helping children in need. Please join us to help give “Hope Through the Arts” to children in under-served areas all over the world.

For further information please contact Stephen Romano at

Stephen Romano Gallery
Stephen Romano Gallery

Poster image: Josh Stebbins: “No Stars” pencil on paper (2019)

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Josh Stebbins "Listen" 2019 Pencil and collage on paper
Josh Stebbins: “Listen” pencil and collage on paper (2019)