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03 January, LI A.S.
9sense Letter to the Audience

I titled 9sense after Anton LaVey’s essay, “The Unknown Known” in The Satanic Rituals. I thought it was a clever play on words. What I never expected was for it to become THE definitive Satanic podcast. With new contributors nearly every year, it grew into an institution and truly defined the Greater Satanic Conversation, every week.

Think about that for a second. I produced this podcast with my contributors every week for five years. When I think back, I don’t know how I ever did it. It has taken an incredible amount of time from my family, profession and other potential projects, so the time has come to end it.

As Satanists we live life through indulgence and accomplishment. We set goals for ourselves and by achieving them, we make ourselves stronger and more complete. I have met my goal for 9sense and I do not think I have anything left to say. If I have learned anything from Seinfeld, it’s to go out while you are on top, so let us Hail Satan one final time.

To the audience, thank you for taking this strange journey with me. To the contributors, from the bottom of my heart, thank you a thousand times. Thank you for your devotion to the show, for sharing your passion with me and the audience and for making 9sense what it is. Thank you to the hierarchy of the Church of Satan for your support. It is time to open a new chapter.

Magister David Harris will be carrying the 9sense tradition with his new podcast ‘Sex, Song, Sinema and Satanism with David Harris’ found at, I encourage you all to tune in starting January 11th.

And now for the details:

9sense episodes will not be available forever. In fact, all past years (2011-2014) have been removed from the server. All episodes from 2015 will be available until Walpurgisnacht 2016, at which point 9sense will go the way of the Dodo.

All contributor segments will be sent to their respective hosts and they will be able to do with them, whatever they like.

I have chosen to do this for one very specific reason, Satanism is not about dwelling in the past, it’s about looking to the future while being mindful of the past. Let us all stand on our own feet and not hold to past expressions as guides or barriers. Let us stand at the gates of the future and tear them down with our own will, with our passion. We are Satanists and we will own this world!

Hail Satan!

—Reverend Adam Campbell

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