Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Ohio Homeowner Told To Remove His Zombie Nativity Scene

As the American revolution was underway and having made a clean break from the Church of England, the Founding Fathers drafted a radical new concept in the US Constitution, America’s founding social contract. It would completely eliminate ties between religion and state while paradoxically ensuring that all beliefs and opinions could be protected through the law. So important was this idea that they drafted it as America’s first and termed it “The Establishment Clause.” Thus we can see the link between Americanism and Satanism, as America’s ideals were to establish a “Neo-Darwinian arena of ideas” as described in The Satanic Scriptures.

Today, the definition of this amendment is under attack. As state governments sanction the planting of religious monuments on public grounds, private citizens are subjected to a different standard. The definition of freedom is at stake here. Will it be a distinctly American definition, one that binds the hands of government to never become theocratic or have its laws become convoluted by the sanctimonious moral judgments of the majority, or are we treading into a new definition that might have the Founding Fathers rolling in their graves? The double-standards in the application of the law are giving us clues.

—Warlock Darren Deicide