Reeves: Poems from the Bathroom Wall

Poems from the Bathroom Wall by Ryan Reeves

“From the sick and twisted mind of Ryan Reeves comes Poems from the Bathroom Wall. Illustrated by Josh Latta, this book is original content in the style of poems you may find on the wall in public restrooms. In this volume, every filthy bathroom hi-jink and sexual practice is described in the sing-song style that bathroom poetry fans worldwide have come to appreciate and expect every time they sit down to use a public toilet. The author doesn’t officially condone bathroom graffiti but finds much of it hilarious. Wanting to reach a greater audience with his own work than is possible on a bathroom wall, he created this book. This volume is not for the faint of heart but anyone with an appreciation for toilet humor will fall in love with Poems from the Bathroom Wall.”
—Ryan Reeves