Psycho Charger: Vault of the Psycho


PSYCHO CHARGER is preparing to release Vault of the Psycho, a collection of songs to celebrate the 20th-anniversary of the band’s existence!

Vault of the Psycho comes includes “thirty two tracks of terror” consisting of unreleased songs, rare cuts, film music, tribute songs, remixes and live tracks. 

Vault of the Psycho is the first release since 2014’s well-received Spawn of the Psycho and a “return” of sorts to Psycho Charger for the main mind of the band Jimmy Psycho, who has been busy with his “spooky sci-fi punk rock lounge band” The Jimmy Psycho Experiment as well as writing music for films. 

Jimmy Psycho says: “Thinking back, I had absolutely no expectations when I started Psycho Charger…and here it is twenty years later, having played hundreds of shows from coast to coast and in five countries with nearly 30 different band members along the way. We’ve played with some amazing bands, met inspiring people, and found ourselves involved with being in television commercials, creating film sound tracks (we even have songs in porn movie), and working alongside some of our favorite musicians. We were always up to something whacky, and we lost out on a ton of sleep, but one of our mottos with this band is: “you can sleep when you are dead. It’s been a great experience that’s definitely kept life interesting.”

“When Mr. Chris (Psycho Charger bass player) and I started thinking of putting a record together, we recalled that there were a number of songs that we recorded that were never released, or only available in a very limited—demos, live tracks, remixes, and tribute songs. Before we knew it, we were up to a total of 50 songs to pull from to make this release. Psycho Charger has been such an incredibly busy band, that we were always writing and recording between shows. Sorting through these songs was like opening a time capsule as we hadn’t  listened to a lot of them since the day they were recorded! There’s a wide range of music genres in which the band recorded…surf, psycho-billy, rock, old-time country, and even dance tracks. We never wanted any of our releases to sound like the ones that came before. We were always down to give something new and different a try, for better or worse!”

Vault of the Psycho is scheduled for a release date of February 1st, 2019.  It will be available at all major retail and music download/streaming sites. The physical release will consist of a double disc set, that will come in a special “retro halloween costume” packaging box, complete with a skull logo mask and a pair of bloody underwear—the band’s signature performance attire. 

Psycho Charger is playing a string of shows to promote Vault of the Psycho. The band recently performed at the 13th Halloween Hootenanny in Nashville, TN, to an enthusiastic capacity crowd. 2019 is shaping up to be an incredibly ambitious year as Jimmy is returning to the studio to complete music for films and finish up the his first-ever “Hellbilly Americana” solo release. In addition, his “Punk Rock Star Wars Band” The Sithfits is also laying down tracks for a debut release in schedule to be released later this year.

Jimmy Psycho is currently available for interview.  Contact information is listed below

Vault of the Psycho Track Listing:


1. Blood Maniacs (Unreleased)

2. The Killer in the Go Go Boots (Unreleased)

3. Flattracker

4. Operation Psycho

5. The Bad Seed

6. Hell To Pay

7. Sunday.

8. All Dressed Up

9. ‘Lectro shock

10. The Flesheaters

11. Live From the Appalachian Deathride

12. Fuel-Injected Vengeance

13. Blood! Shock! TROMA! Rock!

14. Psalm 6_66 (w/ Ministry)

15. Pet Sematary (w/ Josi Kat)

16. Grim Grinning Ghosts (w/ The Jimmy Psycho Experiment)

17. Black Lodge (w/ The Black Goat Uprising)


1. Chillerama (original version)

2.  The south will rise (Field of Screams)

3. I Kissed the Joker

4. Batman Theme (feat The Devil’s Playground)

5. Haunt (Roky Erickson Tribute Song)

6. Diabolos ’88/The Hungry End (Samhain Tribute Songs)

7. Who Killed Marilyn?/Bullet (Misfits Tribute Songs)

8. That’s Good (Devo Tribute Song)

9. Gates of Steel (Devo Tribute Song)

10. Invasion of the Ballsnatchers (Crooker Remix)

11. Bastard Son (Crooker Remix)

12. Chillerama (Freak Out Remix)

13. Dub Star Baby (Da Moth Remix)

14. Ride (Acoustic Live)

15. Whippy Dip (Acoustic Live)

Psycho Charger: Vault of the Psycho
Psycho Charger: Vault of the Psycho