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Radio Free Satan Presents: Rev. Les Mixtape & Support Links

This project began with Magistra Ygraine asking a group of people to provide songs to share with Rev. Les (Rev. Bloodfire) of The Quintessentials. As the list of songs grew, the project evolved into assembling a mixtape of love and respect for Rev. Les. We hope everyone enjoys this, particular Rev. Les.

Please notice the links below offering ways to help Rev. Les.

Listen now on Radio Free Satan.


A few days back I was doing the Facebook thing and saw a timeline photo of a bag of what I assume was blood/chemo drugs with all the associated bells and needle whistles. I felt it in my gut. My friend, our Priest Bloodfire, Les Hernandez of The Quintessentials is going through some life altering shit. I have not the slightest doubt Les will beat the Hell out of it. I also have not the slightest doubt he will be changed by it. I anticipate an even greater appreciation of this one life. Walks along that particular path tend to have that effect. And I thought, why wait?

The question posed was, if you were in Les’s position, not feeling great and further isolated by distance to a support system of like minded cohorts, what song would you want to hear?

This is, simply, the answers Church of Satan members & friends, sent to Les, with love.

– Magistra Ygraine


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