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Ras Ün — “Ndinzengalg" 

Sean David Stoltenburg’s latest project Ras Ün has released their first cassette "Ndinzengalg” on 12/21 through Orb Tapes. This is the first chapter of what will be a continuing mixed media project titled “The Book of Spheres”, which will tell the story of a Death archetype named Ndinzengalg.
This cassette is exclusively available through Orb Tapes and is limited to only 25 physical copies that are available through their bandcamp for $5 a piece. They will sell out.

Description from Orb Tapes: “Primordial rhythms and ambient soundscapes presented to the wayfarer as an eight part meditative cycle. This sonic ritual was designed to temporarily release the practitioner (listener) from temporal boundaries. Do not listen while driving.”