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Warlock Aaron Montaigne will be curating and featured in the Recondite Principle art show this Saturday, May 21st, in Lethal Amounts Los Angeles.

Recondite Principle is an LA based group art show curated by Aaron Montaigne and Matthew Flores and hosted by Danny Fuentes at LETHAL AMOUNTS gallery.

Recondite Principle is a collection of famous like minded artists who explore and capture the beauty and darkness of sex, the occult, the exploited, the neon and death. Recondite Principle’s opening will be held at 1800 hrs at Lethal Amounts at 1226 W 7th ST. LA CA. There will be A live set performed at the end of the opening by “Z Dancer” ROMY who will bring you brutally beautiful dark electro pop.


Corinne Schiavone
Also Known as “Z Dark Eye”, Corinne Schiavone is a photographer living in Los Angeles. Working through photography, Corinne explores areas of conceptual still life and portraiture through visual narratives. Each one of her images springs from a simple idea, and then becomes a complex orchestration. Very often she works off themes of dark humor and surrealism, portraying serious situations lightened up by bright colors and sterile environments. She strives to show the narrative that is not at first obvious – the uncommon in the common.

Suzy Poling
Also known as “Z White Noize”, Poling who is an accomplished noise musician, performance artist, painter, screen printer and installation artist whose exclusive black and white surreallist textures will be showing her “Painted Hands”

Juan Mendez
Also known as “Z Silent Servant”, Mendez who is a very accomplished techno producer and DJ under the moniker of Silent Servant is also the curator of Jealous God which serves as an independent record label, art forum and philosophy. Mendez will be featured on Lethal Amounts’ “main wall” showing a series of photographs and his “Colours de Fleur”

Aaron Montaigne
Also known as “Z Baron”, Montaigne is known as the “Godfather of Screamo” from his musical projects such as Antioch Arrow, Heroin, Crash Worship and DBC. Montaigne co -founded Galerie Salome in Portland Oregon and is a photographer, painter, Satanist and ex combat Infantryman. Montaigne will be showing his “Sigil” series of paintings and his “Thelema” series of photographs.—part-one

Matthew Flores
Also known as “Z Type”, Flores is the founder of LA underground parties such as Ravedungeon and Violence. Flores, the former “Lord” of the IE will be showing an extension from his stylishly erotic photo zine titled “When I die have my former lovers piss on my grave.

Aly Tipacti
Also known as “Z Look” , Tipacti is a Los Angeles fashion icon and co-founder of the underground party Stalker. Tipacti has contributed her art and inspiration to many record covers including those on Jealous God records. Tipacti will be showing collage pieces inspired by her secret life.

Brian Villanueva Mendez
Also known as “Z Sex Mex”, Mendez’s meditative drawing process using graphite and paper seeks communion with the material ancestry of our world. His highly detailed compositions are a hope of discovering what has been forgotten and lost. His Svastika I and Svastika II paintings explore our relationship with spirituality , its symbolism and their evolution.

Laura Liebe
Also known as “Das Liebe”, Liebe’s work is inspired by prostitution throughout the ages and explores themes of sex and intimacy in a vibrant yet soft palate. Liebe is without any formal art training and is a California native.

James Rupert Powell
Also known as “Z Chav” Powell is known for his involvement in musical projects such as XULTUR and Deadfly Ensamble, his production credits for LA bands and his “mad scientist” abilities to make anything. Powell will be showing his esoteric video game featuring his character Gabber Wolf.

Maddison Rubin
Also known as “Z Skin” Maddison is an accomplished satanic taxidermy artist whos work has been featured in various galleries. Her “skunk” piece is acclaimed around the globe.

Jenny Sayaka Nono
“Visual surgery used to remove a rare psychological tumor growing daily on the imagination” Jenny is a modern jack of all trades photographer, musician, and filmmaker.

Jamal Sharaf El Deen and Anthony Ramon Maldonado
Also known as “Z Witches”, are esoteric film makers and installation artists who’s piece “ A ritual devoted to La Santisma Muerte is an occult exploration between the catholic home and pagan roots of Mexican traditions. Directed by El Deen and Maldonado, this piece is accompanied by their video alter which is a twirling decent into the irrationality into the subconscious.

KB Kinski 88
also known as “ Z Neo Folk Princess”, Kinski is celebrated DJ and muse. Kinski’s residency at Violence and Night Murmur’s has awarded her the most feared woman who ever touched CDJ’s. Kinski will be providing the soundtrack for the evening.

Remy Marc
also known as “Z Plug”, Marc who is internationally known as the founder, chairman and CEO of Restless Nites famous as a dj from Portland, Oregon to LA, California. Current endeavors include VSSL, Rave Dungeon, and a new analog synth project called MAZOTOFF. “If you haven’t been a punk, I don’t trust you” -RM

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