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Religious Freedom Day by Matt Quill

When I was on my way to work in Alexandria, Virginia on a sunny September day in 2001, I had never imagined that the plane flying over my car would strike the Pentagon. None of us could have imagined this scenario playing out the way that it did.

It was an act of war, clearly; but who? Some bearded man half way across the world claimed responsibility for cutting all those lives short in the name of Al Qaeda, an organization most of us had never heard of at the time but few of us can say we haven’t heard of today. It was terrorism. We were fortunate to have somehow evaded the Jihadist sword of Islam until that sunny September day. Before we knew it, the United States was locked in another war of ideologies that can’t be won with words alone, but with strong and decisive actions.

The western world’s sense of security was shattered that day, and we continue to suffer the intrusions of organizations like the Transportation Security Administration to this day, all in the name of safety and security. Our founding fathers understood that sacrificing our freedoms in the name of security was a mistake.

As a Satanist, it is my natural inclination to be an adversary—we can’t allow people that believe in childish fancies such as invisible wizards in the sky to dictate the quality of how the rest of us live our lives. Today is Religious Freedom Day, and I am proud as hell to be serving in the greatest military that has ever existed, in the greatest country that has ever existed. A country whose founding principles allow an infidel like myself to stand up, to be that person that brings strong and decisive actions to those that would seek to use their religion to deny others their right to live a fulfilling life and tell them, “No.”

Joy to the flesh forever! Hail Satan!

-Matt Quill, LII A.S.