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Religious Freedom Day by Warlock Draconis Blackthorne

As a Satanist, religious freedom is important because Satanism as a whole is a religion, a philosophy, and a lifestyle combined—some would even posit another species or breed entirely, but certainly psychologically alternate, which is why sometimes out kind have been referred to as “alien elite.”

It is indeed marvelous NOT living in a theocratic environment wherein any particular religion holds absolute sway, even though they do try to interfere and interpolate their various agendas wherever and whenever they can, yet it is now fortunately altogether surmountable by utilizing the sovereign freedoms and intellectual tools provided by the Founding Hellfire Fathers to ensure both freedom of religion, whatever it may be, or freedom FROM religion if one so chooses.

I once conducted a ceremony entitled “The United Satanic America Rite” to assert this principle in this continuously evolving Age of Fire.

To wit, blindlight beLIEf systems have proven to be failed social experiments which have only engendered subjugation, slavery, suffering, misery, death, and torture throughout their corrupt hypocritical histories upon those who have disagreed with their particular views and justified practices. All one has to do is research The Crusades, the witch hysteria, and even the recent Satanic Panic to reveal the results of these if allowed to hold any sort of political, social, or military influence. These have had their Age (Ice; ref. The Unknown Known; The Satanic Rituals, LaVey), each respectively now inevitably waning back into minority subcultures where they belong, irrelevant to governing societal processes.

They have done so to each other for millenia, not to mention towards any of those accused of trafficking with The Devil!

At all times, no matter who may be presiding in office, personal religious views must be kept in check, reserved for their individual lives in their own homes and churches. Again, all one has to do is witness the results of theocratic rule in varied countries and societies to observe degradation and de-evolution—their stultifying influence.

However, this was not to be the case in the first Satanic Republic of America, where fleeing Protestant immigrants oppressed by other prevailing denominations began enacting their own inherently rotten natures upon the natives and involuntary slaves of the land. Alike encroached upon, all have preserved their traditions, even if often masked for their survival and resistance to blindlight oppression.

Personally, I would not wish to reside in a culture wherein it is illegal to practice one’s beliefs as one sees fit, so long as it does not entail the participation of any who do not wish to do so. Satanists follow their true carnal natures to the furthest logical degree, as it serves one’s purposes, vote for those who share issues corresponding to one’s interests, no matter the affiliation of the candidate at the moment. For such are the dynamics of democracy, even though the preferred, proposed Satanic society would ideally be a meritocracy, where individuals prosper according to accomplishment. Merit is the ultimate filter by which all must be judged. Egalitarianism is only useful inasfar as character and quality are determined, while thereafter being judged and treated according to merit.

Overall, there is only Merit. Everything else is wishful idealism, wherein the white wolves prey upon the sheeple.