Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Religious Freedom Day by Witch Sara Josephine

Those comprising the seemingly all-inclusive vacation package from fearing and hating those they feel to be unlike themselves make for most celebrating Religious Freedom Day. The majority purpose is that of the majority demographic, after all. If able, they’d realize their limitations if encountering The Truly Lone Traveler. The Satanist. And their faith buffet would be seen for what it is. Lacking in The Epicurean Department.

If one goes back and reads past presidential proclamations related to this occasion, the repetition and content create want. Want for more. So much more. A “please, let’s just speed up this incredibly overdue Overcoming” more. Each is only Like Most. Were I a teacher grading these writings on originality of content, I’d fail them all for plagarism of one another and their collective cheapening of how the human animal expresses so much of what she finds to be meaningful. All of the ways as a spectrum. How learning about others could really be encouraged. And my reason for feeling this day to be deeply important, the freedom FROM faith in theistic religion, only began being briefly mentioned in those proclamations very recently.

A freedom “given” should not be mistaken for a game “won.” I like to say that Anton Szandor LaVey discovered a species when he codified Satanism. And it is of only so much use to concern The Self with what others “should,” as that subtracts from what they do respond to and why. That said, these brief mentions are a real step forward and reason to celebrate.