Reverend Count MoriVond Reads As Above, So Below and Masterful Slaves.

Reverend Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES

Are there “Witches” and “Warlocks” in the Church? What happens when one becomes a Registered Member and how does one elevate in grade? What does the Priesthood do? In this essay, the High Priest opens up in detail on the hierarchical structure of the Church of Satan. Explaining the history of the degree system; what titles/degrees there are and what offices these assume.

Dominance? Submission? The Satanic perspective on leaders and followers, “tops” and “bottoms” and sadists and masochists…Are Satanists—”sadists?” Do Satanists look down upon or favor “submissive” types? Can one be both “sado” and masochistic AND a Satanist? The High Priest answers these and more in the the essay: Masterful Slaves:

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