Reverend Raul Antony Presents “Discreet & Perfect for Travel” From Artist Samantha Glass

Heathen Harvest writer Reverend Raul Antony in collaboration with Holodeck (label run by Adam Jones of S U R V I V E, producers of the STRANGER THINGS soundtrack) is proud to present “Discreet & Perfect for Travel”, the latest single from Austin-based producer Samantha Glass‘ upcoming album Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint. As Samantha Glass​, Beau Devereaux continues a post-industrial tradition, from the start with Genesis P-Orridge, in breaking down expectations in identity, gender, and genres through experimentation in art and music. Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint flows between rhythmic minimal darkwave electronics to warm ambient analog synth soundscapes, the latter taking a darker industrial turn on “Discreet & Perfect for Travel”. We welcome readers to crossover to ambiguous and unorthodox aesthetic territory and we look forward to the full album release, due out on October 12, 2018 on cassette, vinyl, and digital download from Holodeck.

Listen to the single at Heathen Harvest.

From Holodeck press release:

Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint ​is Devereaux’s ​culminating effort to define Samantha Glass ​thus far. At times delicately wistful and intensely personal, Glass​’ emotional tenor is matched by the ingenuity and creativity given to the recording process. Self produced at home, this album embraces experimentation as an elemental part of the writing process. Underwater contact mic recordings share a place alongside warm analog synthesizers as Glass consistently finds ways to incorporate fresh sounds with unorthodox methods of composition. “Putting the Male to Rest (Pt. 2)” and “From Behind Our Wings” construct lucid ambient collages out of a vague mixture of samples and live electronics, featuring an illusory feminine voice speaking on behalf of Glass​. The songs “Cruel Anxiety” and “The Carpenter in Us All” are catchy, beat-driven highlights of cathartic energy that propel the album forward with hypnotic vocals and crushing lyrics. The duality of male to female, spoken to sung and atonal to melodic echoes throughout the albums eight tracks, allowing for satisfying repeat listens and personal connections that go beyond the obvious aesthetics.

Pre-order Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint (HD047) by Samantha Glass