Satanic Cosmology: Lucifer, the Symbolic Creator of the Material World and Man


Satanic Cosmology: Lucifer, the Symbolic Creator of the Material World and Man

Program notes for "Lord of Righteousness" by Dr. Andras Kobal

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools of the human mind. It has been employed to write poems, songs, short stories, novels.  The imagination is a pure abstraction and the characters and sensations evoked and described by it frequently stimulate pleasure, admiration, and will to power. It is solely fantasy that we are discussing, which operates as psychodrama. When I was studying in classical high school in Italy, I was always fascinated by anti-heroes such as the character of Goethe's Faust, the Lucifer of biblical creation, and the Greek Prometheus all of whom represent rebellion.

These fictional characters have inspired my songs over the years, but even more, influenced my attitude towards the dogmatic system of religion. I was never satisfied by the history of “creation” perpetrated for centuries by the Roman Catholic Church since it did not reflect me at all. Thus, I rewrote my own reinterpretation of the genesis of the world to derive pleasure, power and delight from it. This personal vision is the source of one of my older tracks, "Lord of Righteousness." My piece describes, through a musical  climax,  a “satanic genesis” using several crescendi,  as is often done in classical music.

Gustave Doré, 1866. Illustration for John Milton’s “Paradise Lost“
Gustave Doré, 1866. Illustration for John Milton’s “Paradise Lost“

Who created the world? Who created man?  The answers to these questions remain a mystery. The scientific theory of The Big Bang is currently the most acceptable explanation.  But, if I were to rewrite the myth of the advent of man and the world in a “satanic key,” I would prefer to substitute for the Big Bang Theory a symbolic kind of “dark force,” antimatter—something physically compatible with the formula E = mc².

If I wanted to use an archetype, a suitable symbol for antimatter, a quintessence or “dark energy,” I would use Lucifer. Known as the Morning Star, the original chaos, the spark of light in the darkness of the universe, he would represent the embodiment of undefiled wisdom.  FIAT LUX!

According to my literary perspective as I reinvent the biblical myth of creation through my Satanic lense, then are we not more appropriately the children of Satan and the serpent, than the Christian God? Adam and Eve then deliberately chose to “fall,” because they consciously ate from the Tree of Knowledge forbidden to them. They could dwell in Paradise as long they remained in complete ignorance, but they rejected that option. They would not submit to the brainwashing technique that religions have used to keep the docile masses drugged to the core, through feelings of guilt, ignorance, and fear.

When I studied Greek and Latin in college, I analyzed the etymology of the Greek word "Baphomet" Βαφη Μητεος. Its meanings include “baptism of fire” (seen in the flame on the head of the Baphomet depicted by Levi) or “baptism of knowledge.” That is the same fire of wisdom that Prometheus took from the gods to give to the human race in Greek myth.  Lucifer's star, the planet Venus, guided sailors to determine the right course. Lucifer in various aspects has inspired wondrous tales as a symbol of human pride and courage.

This material world is embodied by all of these symbols, the various archetypes correlated with the fictional character of Satan.  This, our Eden in Hell, is where we can create stories, art and promote our own private spaces, away from the enslaved masses and their enslaving fashions. It is a citadel where those who enter must adhere to our aesthetics and philosophical standards, much as in the “garden of delights” in ancient Greece, in the “ideal city” of Plato, or the “Roman Triclinium”—a place dear to me being Italian and son of the Latin Roman race.

Satan, Lucifer, and the Serpent are only symbols—fictional characters who I use to pursue happiness and self-gratification.  They are not real entities, nor supernatural beings, but they bring me inspiration. The music I present below is suitable for rituals, relaxing, meditation, and self-awareness. By imagining the genesis of the world and man from a Satanic perspective, I have employed the Ninth Enochian Key as a protection against false values as I seek undefiled wisdom.

Candyboy : Lord of Righteousness


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