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Satanic Story Time Episode 35 – “The Devil’s Number”

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and From The Witch’s Tale, with special guest, Kelly Bogues, bassist from
horror / industrial / black metal band, Zogthorgven.

Devil’s Tuning Fork
: Kelly Bogues has
brought some music just for this special occasion, Friday the 13th that is… He has
lent us his song entitled, “Witchermit” for Episode 35, “The Devil’s Number”.

Devil’s Workshop
:  “The
Devil’s Number.” Old Nancy is 103 years old today. The dead come back to
life on Friday the 13th in an old ruined castle. The script was originally
broadcast on “The Witch’s Tale” on December 12, 1935. The program may
also have been distributed by Artransa. The date May 2, 1938 is deduced from
internal evidence. Enjoy the fascination of the eerie, weird, blood chilling tales
told by old Nancy, the witch of Salem and Satan her wise black cat, who are
waiting, waiting for you now….

Devil is in the Details
: I interviewed
Kelly Bogues regarding Satanism, music, horror, and radio, just a few
of our favorite topics.

Show Notes
: Here is the link
for the western horror movie that Kelly mentioned during the episode: “Kill or Be Killed." Alonzo Deen Cole was a creator, writer, and a director
too. He wrote a book entitled “The Witch’s Tale: Stories of Gothic Horror from the
Golden Age of Radio

Aaron Mantle