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Satanic Story Time Presents Episode 20: “Breaking the Spell”

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Happy New Year! Satanic Story Time is back and starts off the New Year with Chandu the Magician in “Breaking the Spell"—which originally aired on July 26, 1948. Frank Chandler and his sister, Dorothy Regent, venture to a hidden tunnel under the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. Dorothy notices an alabaster figurine that depicts a priestess of black magic. While gazing at the statue, the spirit of the figure puts her under an evil spell. The spell takes place immediately, but its effects go unnoticed even after Frank and Dorothy make it back to their hotel on the edge of the desert. 

Dorothy’s children, Bob and Betty, note something is wrong with their mother and ask Frank to examine her. Dorothy insists that she still hears the voice of the priestess of black magic repeating the ancient and dark prophecy. Frank demands that they go back to the hidden tunnel under the Sphinx. Chandu the Magician faces off with the spirit of the priestess and attempts to regain his sister back from the spirit’s malevolent clutches.

Afterwards, stick around and hear my third side perspective of the story!