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Satanic Story Time presents episode 38 – “The Book of Ixin” 

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written by Citizen Horror and performed by The
Satanic Players Society

Devil’s Tuning Fork
: “The Book of Ixin” was written by Citizen
Horror in 2015. Citizen Horror was gracious enough to lend us his story for the
diabolical purposes of Satanic Story Time’s 38th episode. I’m joined by the
nefarious Vulture, Gyps FulvusGyps Fulvus
latest solo album is entitled The LichThe Lich is
a continuous, concept album and was produced on April 30th 2016, on Walpurgisnacht,
and the Church
of Satan
’s 50th anniversary.
From his 2015 album, Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken,
disk 2, In
Tenebris Lumen
Gyps has agreed to share with us one of
the tracks with your host on vocals, entitled, “Dawn
of a New Day
”, quite befitting for Independence Day. Also included in this
episode’s edition of The Devil’s Tuning Fork are the following tracks: King
’s “The 7th Day of July
” from his second album, Abigail, which was released on February 24th 1987 through Roadrunner. Gazing
up at us through their crystal ball, we have Iron Maiden’s
The Clairvoyant” from their seventh
album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son which was
released on April 11th 1988 through

Devil’s Workshop
:  As
promised earlier, I am pleased to present to you a fantastic story of demonic
possession. Its title is “The Book of Ixin” and was written by Citizen Horror
in 2015. The Satanic Players Society deliver his
story in sinister style with all the bells and whistles. The
Satanic Players Society
 unleash a full arsenal of soundscapes
and sound effects that serve to articulate his story in a way that truly
embellishes Citizen Horror’s ominous tone. For more episodes from The
Satanic Players Society
, please visit their official webpage

Midnight Hour
:  Gyps Fulvus brings
a new segment to Satanic Story Time called, The Midnight
Hour. Gyps
debut episode is entitled, “The Initiation”.

Devil is in the Details
:   Gyps and
I talked about his new segment on Satanic
Story Time
, The Midnight Hour. His debut episode is entitled “The
Initiation”. “The Initiation” is a short, urban, horror story. We also
discussed his most recent album, The Lich, and finally, the significance of “the
midnight hour
” in regard to Satanic magic.

—Citizen Aaron Mantle