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Satanic Story Time presents episode 40: “Black Widow” with special guest: the arachnid expert – Bill Butler.

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Devil’s Tuning Fork
: For this
installment of The Devil’s Tuning Fork, we have the following tracks for your
listening pleasure: “Lullaby” from The Cure’s
album: Disintegration, “Spider Dance” from the Undertale Soundtrack, “The Spider’s Lullabye” and “Room
” from King Diamond’s album: The Spider’s Lullabye, “Welcome to My Nightmare” / “The Black Widow” from Alice Cooper’s
album, Welcome to My Nightmare with Vincent Price
starring as “The Curator”.

Devil’s Workshop
: Our featured story is brought to you from E.G. Marshall and the CBS Radio Mystery
. It serves as CBS Radio Mystery Theater’s 265th
episode and is entitled, “Black
”. The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to
get rid of the man who murdered her husband. The witch deploys poisonous black
widow spiders to achieve her end. Jason Beck, Robert Dryden, Hetty Galen, Evie
Juster, Dan Ocko, and Bob Juhren starred in this unmissable episode.  

Midnight Hour
: For his third
installment of The Midnight Hour, Gyps Fulvus brings us his version of “The Demon Spell”, originally written by Hume

Devil is in the Details
: I recently sat
down with arachnid expert, Bill Butler. During the course of our
conversation we talked about his life accomplishments, occupations, hobbies,
Satanism, wacky times, motorcycles, memorable moments, pets (especially
spiders), Halloween, and aesthetics. Join me as I speak with a friend to
spiders, Bill

—Citizen Aaron Mantle