Satanic Victims?

Michael Rose

From time to time, I hear from people who claim to be Satanists, bemoaning the dreadful persecutions that they endure, referring to the medieval witch hunts as a scourge against Satanism that is being restored by modern Christians, and otherwise lamenting the fact that they are being, or at least feel as if they are being, victimized. Since a “Satanic victim culture” is a contradiction in terms, one can only assume that these victims are somewhat lacking in Satanic attributes.

To cite a true example of such thinking, and the parties involved shall remain nameless, some people had their products refused by the shops where they had been printing them. What did they do? Rather than taking their business elsewhere they sat down, proclaimed that they were being victimized and closed up shop. They had other options open which they could have tried but they did not do this.

Amongst [Satanists] [victimization] must be regarded as a stain of shame.”

I have had printers give me a hard time over various things when I was starting to do my magazine From The Pit, but I did not complain about persecution. I went to a different printer and when he gave me a hard time I went to yet another. I refused to lie down and give up because someone didn’t like what I was doing. I refused to behave like a victim. Anyone who does so deserves only our contempt. Amongst the wretched multitudes of herd-things, such victimization is seen as a badge of honor. Amongst us it must be regarded as a stain of shame.

A consistent mark of the victim is that they are constantly complaining about how they are being denied their rights. Such complaints are foolish since it is impossible to deny anyone their rights. Rights are something that you have. They are not what you want to have, or feel that you ought to have. They are not what somebody else says that you should have. A right is something which you are strong enough to keep, or it is that which has been granted to you by those stronger than yourself. In the first case, they cannot be taken from you if you are truly strong enough to hold onto them. In the second case, they are not really yours. They are, in fact, the rights of the stronger power and this power has permitted you to enjoy these rights at their discretion. They can give or take these privileges at will.

Those who complain about being denied their rights are basing their complaint on a philosophy founded on such foolish and abhorrent notions as egalitarianism. To thus complain is tantamount to declaring to the world “I am not a Satanist.” “I know my rights!” is the battle cry of the worthless.

Anton LaVey has said that Satanists are born, not made. It is equally true that victims are born rather than made. Satanists are not victims and victims are most certainly not Satanists!

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