Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


A new year deserves new hunks from around the Synthesizer Clock and I’m happy to provide them to you in the 2017 Satanic Warlock Calendar.

I’ve again hunted through the Infernal Empire to bring new Warlocks of all shapes and body types together. Besides having their delicious behinds lead you through a Lusty Satanic Ritual, this year’s calendar allows you to get to know these Incubi each month, beyond how they look naked.

May these demons of licentiousness possess your Nether Regions and drive you to wild abandon!

The Satanic Warlock Calendar 2017 can be purchased on under the 2016 Icon in the “Books” section


Directly at this link.

As always my fellow Eroticists:

Keep your skirts up,

Your pants down,

And no matter who bends over-

Know that this is truly the year of the Warlock!

—Aden Ardennes