Satanic Sources - Artifacts & more

With all of the talented members of the Church of Satan, it is no great surprise that we have a few entreprenuers. Below is a list of notable Satanic business men and women offering the products of their passions.


The Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Altarpiece
Baphomet Altarpieces, using the trademarked Church of Satan Sigil, individually and meticulously handcrafted by Rev. Byrd. Available in 18" or 36" in a variety of custom colors and designs. Send a message to the Facebook Page to inquire:


ASP Apparel
ASP Apparel - Adversarial Attire & Accoutrements
Offering officially licenced Church of Satan apparel and accessories.


The Burning Witch
The Burning Witch - Pryography Items of a Sinful Nature. Offering plaques, boxes, and other artifacts with the Church of Satan's Sigil of Baphomet burnt right into them.


Church of Satan Posters on
Church of Satan Posters on

Church of Satan Products on


iSatanist by John Shaw
iSatanist by John Shaw
iSatanist - an official source for the Church of Satan, featuring official items, including authorized products, bearing the symbols of the Church of Satan.


Large / Carved 17.25 inch x 17.25 inch Sigil of Baphomet. Made in the USA by Drab Haus. Licenced by CoS.


BDSM Books (for adults only!)
Source for BDSM eBooks—includes the works of Deborah Ryder, formerly of the LADY O Society.


Dark Candles
Dark Candles
Light for Those Who Prefer the Dark.


Hells Kitchen Productions
P.O. Box 666, Poughkeepsie, NY 12602-0666


Museum Replicas Limited
Not strictly occult-oriented, but great daggers, swords, capes, etc.


Novelty Buttons
Sure to Amuse, Never Fails


Rabid Crow Arts & Graphics
Rabid Cros Arts & Graphics



Third Side Threads
Third Side Threads


I Pledge Allegiance to No God!
I Pledge Allegiance to No God!
Support Separation of Church and State