Stand Alone 1225: Max Stirner and the Philosophy of the Individual | Leo Markun & Jason Ramsay-Brown

Leo Markun provides a strong introduction to the history, life, and philosophy of Johann Caspar Schmidt, known professionally as Max Stirner, the father of Egoism. This long essay was first released in 1925 as part of the Little Blue Book series by the prolific publisher Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951).

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This booklet was printed on a 1930s Linotype Letterpress by Michael E. Coughlin, editor and publisher of the anarchist journal the dandelion and co-editor of Benjamin R. Tucker and the Champions of Liberty (1987). Using 100 pound Starch Rain Speckletone by French Paper, and giving it a strong “bite” so that the reader can feel the impression of the printing plates on the paper, the cover design of this booklet pays homage to the Little Blue Book series it was originally a part of, while standing out as a unique and informative addition to any Egoist’s collection.

This striking booklet contains Markun’s analysis of Max Stirner’s philosophy of Egoism including “The Paradox in Stirner’s Message,” “The Possibility of Liberty,” “Owning the World,” and more. Max Stirner and the Philosophy of the Individual also features the only known biographical sketch of Leo Markun, written by Little Blue Book scholar Jason Ramsay-Brown, and a Preface by Kevin I. Slaughter.

Stand Alone is a mixed medium and format journal produced at irregular intervals. The focus is Egoism and the individuals associated with it. Produced by the Union Of Egoists with individual issues published by different sources.

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