Stephen Romano Living Gallery Third Eye Feature

Stephen Romano Gallery at the Living Gallery NYC: OPENING OF THE THIRD EYE

October 3 – 7 2018 The Living Gallery NYC – Opening of the Third Eye reception
with performance by Natsumi Goldfish October 4th, 6 -10pm

Natsumi Goldfish Blue infinity
Natsumi Goldfish Blue infinity, Ink on wood panels, 2016 – 2018

Stephen Romano Gallery is please to announce a four person exhibition of the works of Natsumi Goldfish, Alexis Palmer Karl, Daniel Goncalves and Barry William Hale at the Living Gallery Outpost on the Lower East side in New York City. The exhibition’s theme will be further asserted with the inclusion of historical and vernacular images and objects including works by Jacob Bohme, Karl Kohl, Burt Shonberg, Jack Edwards, Darcilio Lima, Wolfgang Grasse, William Mortensen, spirit photography, as well as unknown artists.

Alexis Palmer Karl "Ritual Skull
Alexis Palmer Karl “Ritual Skull – I Fly from the Eye of the Sun”, 2017, Resin, citrine, quartz, selenite, salt, marble powder.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” Joseph Campbell

Barry William Hale – Phantasma Phantasia Milites Diaboli
Barry William Hale – Phantasma Phantasia Milites Diaboli 1 2016 detail

The premise of the exhibition is to unite four artists from different corners of the world, America, Japan, Australia and Portugal, who’s thread of continuity is to make art that achieves for the artist and consequently for the viewer an enriched state of consciousness, or the opening of the third eye, the locus of occult power and wisdom in the forehead of a deity, especially the god Shiva. Each of these artists, as well as the included peripheral material, aspires to induce, through the medium of visual art, a state of affirmation to the seeker of a cosmic order that perpetuates a higher sense of the spiritual (or meta-physical) connectedness amongst us.

The Living Gallery Outpost is located at 246 East 4th Street New York NY 10009.

Exhibition hours are Wednesday October 3 4 – 8pm, Thursday October 4 2 – 10pm, Friday 5 – Sunday 7 1 – 8 pm

or by appointment at 646 709 4725.

For further information and visuals please contact Stephen Romano at