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Christopher Rouse (1949-2019)

In Memoriam Christopher Rouse (1949-2019)

In Memoriam Christopher Rouse (1949-2019) I consider Dr. Christopher Rouse to be one of the great symphonists of our time, and I’ve been following his exquisitely dark and expressive compositions since I discovered his earlier orchestral works GORGON and The Infernal Machine. I recall him commenting in program notes that so much contemporary music had lost the ability to work in a true “allegro” tempo, so he deftly remedied that in several of his pieces. He’s also a master of “adagio” tempi—and everything in between. It was always exciting for me when his new works were performed and released—I knew […]

CANDYBOY — The Sulphur Blues

CANDYBOY — The Sulphur Blues

“The Sulfur Blues” is an instrumental blues melt with classical music and contemporary acoustic sounds composed by Candyboy. His first acoustic tour in the U.S. is listed below.   “While I was writing The Sulfur Blues, I imagined the mist of sulfur coming out of the infernal regions. Sulfur in alchemy is the symbol of the final transformation and this is my last transformation against the musical tendencies of the masses. The adamantine gates have opened, the sulphur will be out!”   3/23 Decatur, Atlanta – The Square 3/25 Nashville – Famous Saloon 3/25 Nashville – Bluebird Cafe 3/26 Indianapolis […]