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As the years pass, we have grown accustomed to the annual ghost shafts that gleam skywards from the grounds upon which the World Trade Center towers once stood. Do they summon forth fury aroused by the injustice of that atrocity, or are many people just wistfully recollecting the times before that day shattered their perceptions? I consider it worthwhile on this anniversary to recall the violence, sparked by a toxic theism, that murdered so many innocent folk who had a myriad of beliefs supporting them that as they sought to live and prosper. Sadly, the forms of religion which thrive […]

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Good Mourning America – Episode 10 -Conspiracies  THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: Good Mourning America – Episode 10 -Conspiracies (Part 1 of a 12 part series). This month were talking about 9/11. Get out your tinfoil hats and join your hosts Lorcan Black and Jeff Bowling (with special guest Raul Atondo) on this first episode investigating the many theories of the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Good Mourning America is your source for news and current events from a Satanic perspective, every week, only on the Third Side Network! 

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9/11—FAITH KILLS As is my practice, I again take this occasion to ponder theism-inspired atrocities that continue throughout our world. Since last year, our major media has devoted significant coverage to terrorist attacks in the US, UK, Spain, Germany and Russia, but there are many savage incidents in other nations wherein innocent lives have been extinguished that do not receive such attention. While other socio-political factors are involved, subservience to doctrines interpreted by those claiming to speak for fictional deities is a primary motivator for the injury and slaughter of those with differing beliefs, whether it be one or multitudes. […]