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9sense is a Satanic podcast produced by Reverend Campbell. It originally ran from XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) til LI A.S. (2016 C.E.). Reverend Campbell recorded a 9 year anniversary episode of it’s beginning in LV A.S. (2020 C.E.) and has since decided to continue the weekly podcast as a stripped down version of the original.

Reverend Campbell presents 9sense Episode 07 November, LVI A.S.

9sense Episode 07 November, LVI A.S.

Welcome to episode 07 November, LVI A.S. of Reverend Campbell’s Satanic podcast 9sense. 9sense is a Satanic perspective of our modern world.

Reverend Campbell's 10 Year Anniversary Episode

Reverend Campbell’s 10 Year Anniversary Episode

Join This EveningLive on YouTube In this special 10 year anniversary episode, Reverend Campbell will reflect on his Satanic series, his failures and his success creating Satanic content. Join him on this stroll through episodes past and reflect on the legacy he is actively building by defining the Greater Satanic Conversation. Subscribe on YouTubeSign Up to the Mailing List

Reverend Campbell presents 9sense Episode 15 November, LV A.S.

9sense Episode 15 November, LV A.S.

Join This Evening Sunday, 15 November at 6pm MST Live on YouTube     The Devil’s Advocate: Keeping Satanism Exotic Infernal Informant: Egypt uncovers more than 100 sarcophagi in ancient burial ground & Tips for hosting a smaller, safer, successful pandemic Thanksgiving dinner Creature Feature: Enola Holmes Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ReverendCampbell Email Signup: http://eepurl.com/bvxE51

A Moment With Rev. Campbell Join Citizen Texxx on the Devil’s Night as he interviews Rev. Campbell. They discuss the beginning and the end of 9sense podcast, Rev Campbell’s new show “Speak of the Devil”, and much more! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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9sense Live: Satanism & Star Wars Episode IV Join your hosts Reverend Campbell, Dorian Grey and Cameron John live as they discuss Satanism and Star Wars in this fourth installment of this popular series.Sunday, Aug. 14, 6pm MSThttps://youtu.be/1QaI3ADDjOw This is the second to last episode that will complete not only the 9sense Star Wars series, but 9sense as a podcast. The last episode will be at the end of the year after your hosts have seen Rogue One, A Star Wars Story in theaters. We hope you will consider joining us live, but if you cannot make it, it will be […]

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May the 4th Be With You! 9sense Star Wars Specials  Celebrate this Star Wars day with 9sense’s recently archived Satanism & Star Wars specials. Listen to Reverend Campbell and his guests discuss themes surrounding the fictional Star Wars universe as they relate to Satanism. Not all of the series has been released, so check back or sign up for the 9sense mailing list to keep up–to–date on the latest announcements. http://9sensepodcast.com/star-wars-specials.php

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30 April, LI A.S. The 9sense Podcast Archive is Now Available!  In honor of Walpurgisnacht, the Church of Satan’s birthday, and by popular demand, the five year episode archive of 9sense Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. 9sense Podcast ran from XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) to LI A.S. (2016 C.E.) and was the most professionally produced Satanic podcast to date. It had a variety of accomplished Satanists contributing through nine distinct segments that ranged from editorial, educational, and featured interviews of notable personalities both Satanic and non. When I announced my planned end to 9sense Podcast in 03 January […]

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Now Available on 9sensePodcast.com and iTunes. 03 January, LI A.S.9sense Letter to the Audience I titled 9sense after Anton LaVey’s essay, “The Unknown Known” in The Satanic Rituals. I thought it was a clever play on words. What I never expected was for it to become THE definitive Satanic podcast. With new contributors nearly every year, it grew into an institution and truly defined the Greater Satanic Conversation, every week. Think about that for a second. I produced this podcast with my contributors every week for five years. When I think back, I don’t know how I ever did it. […]