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Satanism 101: accurate information about Satanism.

Satanism 101

Are you seeking accurate information about Satanism? Satanism 101 features actual Satanists who will answer your questions. Episode 1 is now streaming, and Episode 2, “Is Abortion a Satanic Sacrament?,” will debut at Midnight, GMT, September 9, 2023. Your misconceptions shall be obliterated! Episode 1: Why Do You Worship the Devil? Episode 2: Is Abortion a Satanic Sacrament?

The Devil in the Details

Devil in the Details Podcast Episode 16

On this episode, the Satanic Skeptic examines the safety and efficacy of abortifacients—herbs taken to induce miscarriage—as well as a “Woman’s DIY Guide” to herbal abortions circulating on social media. While the use and interest of abortifacients is nothing new, the recent threat of the United States Supreme Court to overturn the 1973 ruling of Roe v. Wade has the potential to create conditions whereby more women may turn to these herbs when they no longer have access to adequate medical care. How effective and dangerous are these herbs? Listen to Episode 16 on Apple Podcasts.

Satanic Sacrament?

Is Abortion A Satanic Sacrament?

A political activist group best known for “punking” journalists and politicians via high profile publicity stunts has recently announced that abortion is a “Sacrament of Satanism” (later changing this language to “Ritual”) and thus protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This claim is both false and dangerous. Anyone familiar with the lunatic rantings of daytime talk show hosts during the Satanic Panic or the more recent “Q Anon” conspiracy theories knows that Christians often accuse Satanists of facilitating abortions as a form of child sacrifice. It’s ludicrous that anyone would think that associating abortion with Satanism would in anyway […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Religion Has No Place in Politics: Abortion Rights in the USA

In recent days, we’ve seen an increase in communications asking—and in some cases demanding—that we involve the Church of Satan with the heated abortion issues now being fought over in a number of US States. These recently introduced legislations are clearly religious in nature, and our organization has repeatedly stated that religion has no place in politics. We call for a secular society to equitably serve the majority interests. As a religious organization, it would be hypocritical for us to take a political position when we actively support the separation of church and state. A plethora of religions fighting it […]

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Third Side Intelligence: Missouri Abortions The Satanic Temple is self-acknowledged satire and an activist group, which pretends to be a religion when it suits their ends. They do not reflect the philosophy of Satanism. An ongoing case in Missouri has received publicity wherein activists masquerading as Satanists are involved in a lawsuit regarding currently mandated pre-abortion procedures. As our organization, founded in 1966, defined for the world the meaning of Satanism as a religion and philosophical point of view, we’ve been asked by journalists for a statement. Here is some food for thought. We Satanist citizens of the United States uphold […]

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Planned Parenthood Panic?

On Saturday, August 22, Christian groups protested in front of Planned Parenthood clinics across the United Sates whom they’ve accused of abetting the illegal sale of fetal tissue for profit. One group of activists milked this situation for media attention with a theatrical stunt opposing the protestors, resulting in them being deemed black-robed devil worshippers by journalists who did not grasp the intent of their symbolism. Anti-abortion activists previously infiltrated Planned Parenthood locations to film employees and clients and edited their comments together as a means for whipping-up a nationwide campaign to curtail funding for this organization which in their […]