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Delay 5000 Isochronal Holding Pattern

D5K Meditative Drones on the Buchla

Delay 5000 is the catch all musical housing for ambient, noise and experimental audio projects by Rev. Sean Bonner and friends. This week they present a full hour of self generating meditative drones autonomously performed on the Buchla Music Easel thanks to the magic of random voltage. This constantly evolving soundscape builds an evocative atmosphere that can serve as a soundtrack to any number of household, office or bedroom activities. Check out Isochronal Holding Pattern here.

Silva: Nightmare In Ice

NIGHTMARE IN ICE by Michael K. Silva

“Nightmare In Ice” is an ambient music album inspired by John W. Campbell, Jr.’s science fiction novella “Who Goes There?” and the original version of the story, “Frozen Hell.” Purchase on Amazon: NIGHTMARE IN ICE  

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

RADIO FREE SATAN CELEBRATES 18 YEARS! Founded at the turn of the millennium in 2000, Radio Free Satan established itself as one of the earliest online radio networks in the world, and the first with shows from a Satanic perspective. RFS’s DJ roster was composed of several members of the Church of Satan, each one bringing to the network their own tastes and interests with weekly broadcasts. Over the many years RFS experimented with a broader roster, with hosts and managers coming and going. In 2016, Reverend Gene took over as Owner and Program Director of Radio Free Satan, with the […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Ras Ün — “Ndinzengalg"  Sean David Stoltenburg’s latest project Ras Ün has released their first cassette "Ndinzengalg” on 12/21 through Orb Tapes. This is the first chapter of what will be a continuing mixed media project titled “The Book of Spheres”, which will tell the story of a Death archetype named Ndinzengalg.This cassette is exclusively available through Orb Tapes and is limited to only 25 physical copies that are available through their bandcamp for $5 a piece. They will sell out. Description from Orb Tapes: “Primordial rhythms and ambient soundscapes presented to the wayfarer as an eight part meditative cycle. This […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Alive in the Crematory by Apex Infernal now available for purchase! Undulating from murky pits, Apex Infernal is a noxious gas of furious sounds.  As the faceless maestro of madness, it emits dark tones, chants, and whispers to quell that which would restrain the beast from his indulgences, and monstrous rhythms to awaken strange creatures from their deathless slumber within the bowels of the earth and the depths of the sea. Alive in the Crematory can be purchased at

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

ANGE DE LUMIERE is Adrian Vino’s (Black Fire League) solo project that consists of analog noises and dark schizophrenic dancing and musings. The self-titled album is a score for The Rebel Angel. It nods to Nurse With Wound, Kubrick, Merzbow, Prurient, Gnaw Their Tongues and other artists.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Just in time for Halloween, Citizen Aaron Mantle, A.t.H., has two new singles for sale on, iTunes, and Amazon. “An Original is Hard to Find But Easy to Recognize” is a personal venture on spoken word, ambient, and some jet fuel to fire the turbine engines. It most closely fits into the genre of Electronic Avant-Garde. “Open Your Eyes” is an older sounding track inspired from an era gone by. It puts forth a different take on lyrics and asks the listener if there may be life elsewhere in the universe. It most closely fits into the genre of […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Slaughterhouse Records sampler out now, eighteen artists in the genre of extreme metal, ambient and industrial music. Sampler for $5, or free with any order online.