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As the years pass, we have grown accustomed to the annual ghost shafts that gleam skywards from the grounds upon which the World Trade Center towers once stood. Do they summon forth fury aroused by the injustice of that atrocity, or are many people just wistfully recollecting the times before that day shattered their perceptions? I consider it worthwhile on this anniversary to recall the violence, sparked by a toxic theism, that murdered so many innocent folk who had a myriad of beliefs supporting them that as they sought to live and prosper. Sadly, the forms of religion which thrive […]

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EARTH DAY 2017 — HAIL SCIENCE! Today, April 22, is Earth Day and around the world many are gathering for marches to support science and reason as the proper tools for understanding the Universe in which we live. Members of the Church of Satan are joining fellow secularists and rational individuals in local events held this weekend. To build on these demonstrations, the secularist group Center for Inquiry has instructions for American citizens who wish to tell Congress to support the Scientific Integrity Act and they provide an easy form to do so. Our Magister Bill M. has provided an […]