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Church of Satan wishes you a Happy New Year!

To a Vigilant New Year!

Tomorrow begins year LVIII, Anno Satanas. We live in a time of social upheaval. Global economies are in spasms, kept in drastic flux by an ongoing aggressive war which has again raised the specter of possible military nuclear detonations. This chaos has provided an open season for authoritarian power grabs. While Christianity had played the role of a domesticated belief system—their most widespread denominations were not actively involved in crushing the pluralism of contemporary times—we can clearly see that the Dominionists amongst them have been working diligently to seize political power towards the end of legislating their beliefs as law—other […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Church of Satan celebrates International Blasphemy Rights Day Visit our page of delightful desecrations and joyous blasphemy with art, music and video. When we dismiss what by consensus is held to be inviolable, we are blasphemers. Here’s to continued blasphemy, a means for questioning totalitarian dictates in the unending struggle towards achieving self-sovereignty and espousing independant thought. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore Above image: "Delicious Pig Skins for your Mecca Shin Dig", made out of acrylic, Hajj currency, digital rendering, and hurt feelings by Witch Josie Gallows