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Devil's Diary Halloween LV

The Devil’s Diary XXXII / Halloween LV

Within the accursed Jack o’Lantern, carved with the symbols of dread demons, the black hellflame candle is lit! Lighting the way to Baphomet’s throne, Casting the faces of devils across the land, Satan emerges upon this Unholy Sabbath, bearing myriad tricks and treats for those who dare partake of infernal bounty! Gather phantoms from nightmares and dreams to indulge in carnal delights and pleasant screams!Haunting nights eternal, thine treasures & pleasures reveal possessions dire…The Devil’s Diary XXXII / Halloween LV Anno Satanas includes sculpture & poetry by Ronin Beard, cover art by Dave Lipscomb, essays by Prometheus, David Padgett, Blackthorne, […]

Count MoriVond reads from The Satanic Scriptures

Count MoriVond reads “Satanism: The Feared Religion”

“Satanism: The Feared Religion” Parts 1 & 2 from the book The Satanic Scriptures written by Magus Peter H. Gilmore. Read by Count MoriVond. An essay approved by the “the Black Pope” himself, Anton Szandor LaVey, as the best condensed introduction to our philosophy.  

Cultural Appropriation of Satanism

The Cultural Appropriation of Satanism: High Priestess Peggy Nadramia

As click-bait virtue signaling, the term “cultural appropriation” has been around for years. The parameters can vary, and the frantic pedantics push the needle one way while the more reasonable among us roll our eyes and just push it back. What it boils down to lately, is “I know it when I see it.” And now I see it for Satanism. Read the full essay here: The Cultural Appropriation of Satanism  

Satanme: Order of the Trapezoid Medallion

Order of the Trapezoid Medallion by Satanme

?Order of the Trapezoid Medallion? Our first double-sided medallion features both magical sigils used by the Order of the Trapezoid in the early days of the Church of Satan. Dr. LaVey himself wrote about the power of the trapezoid to bend time, space and consciousness toward paths of nightmares and hellish revelation.   Click here to order yours now!

Leuthold: The Disabled Satanist

“The Disabled Satanist” by Warlock Robert J. Leuthold

The Disabled Satanist or What to do When One’s Legs Never Quite Worked Right by Warlock Robert J. Leuthold “In answer to the critics, the willfully ignorant, and the naysayers: Yes, the disabled can be Satanists, and resoundingly so.” Read the full essay here.

Mishlove interviews Abrahamsson

New Thinking Allowed: Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Carl Abrahamsson

Carl Abrahamsson is both a filmmaker and author. His most recent film is titled “Anton LaVey: Into the Devil’s Den”. Other films include “Poems Are Living Things” and “Cinemagician: Conversations with Kenneth Anger”. His most recent book is titled Occulture: The Hidden Forces That Drive Culture Forward. He also edits The Fenris Wolf, an annual anthology of occulture.

Satanme: Anton LaVey Legacy Print

Satanme presents the Anton LaVey Legacy Canvas Print 

Anton LaVey Legacy Canvas Print Inspired by his portrait photo on the back of The Satanic Bible, this canvas print of Anton LaVey pays homage to his inspirational creative endeavors throughout his years. Dr. LaVey’s hand drawn Church of Satan letterhead dragon encircles the Baphomet Sigil over his head while The Satanic Bible chapter dragon drawing precedes the name “Anton Szandor LaVey” (in the same font as The Satanic Bible cover) below him. This canvas print honors the books and art created by the founder of the most notorious religion in the world. Available in Print Only, Metal Backed, and Framed!

Black Lives Matter march outside the Black House

Seeking Justice: On Accountability and Transparency by Reverend Joel Ethan

Those familiar with Satanism, clearly articulated in decades of our literature, should understand our philosophy’s stance regarding the murder of an innocent man and the abuse of power currently being protested across the country—we find it appalling. We recognize the historical importance of recent events and, in the same way the Stonewall Uprising ignited societal change, we consider these actions will possibly lead to a more accountable system of justice. …The Church of Satan has always made it clear that a Satanist’s politics should be their own. We refuse to treat our membership like brainless sheep, in desperate need of […]

The Satanic Bible Editions

Addendum to “So It Was Written: The History of The Satanic Bible” by Magistra Peggy Nadramia

Addendum to “So It Was Written: The History of The Satanic Bible” Our High Priestess, Magistra Peggy Nadramia, has written an addendum to her historical piece about the writing and release of The Satanic Bible. It covers early reviews and various versions, including the numerous translations into languages other than English. Follow this link to enjoy what her diligent research has documented.

Corman: The Masque of the Red Death

Walpurgisnacht 2020: The Masque of Covid-19

Being in the midst of a global pandemic arouses a keen awareness of the fragility of our civilization and the ephemerality of human life. People regularly die from varied causes, at rates that most ignore during the pursuit of their personal goals. But news of additional demises beyond the normal tally should jog us into a rude awareness: One can lose the precious gift of living in ways that otherwise might be avoided when an infectious disease is making the rounds. We Satanists do not believe in any form of afterlife—no after life mints for anyone! We generally do all […]

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch - Part 6

Reading Aloud LIVE – The Satanic Witch – Part 6

Reverend Campbell performed another episode of his Reading Aloud LIVE project on his YouTube channel. He completed his ongoing The Satanic Witch series with episode 6 where he covered divination, magic and PR.   Time Stamps 7.Means of Divination: How to Tell Fortunes with No Previous Experience – 3:46 7: “Cold Reading” and “Casing the Mark” – 21:17 7: Prophesy – 34:30 8. Ceremonial Magic: Sex Magic without Sanctimony – 41:17 8: Casting a Spell – 59:14 8: How to Protect Yourself from Another Witch’s Curse – 1:12:54 8: How to Become a Succubus and Attack the Man of Your […]

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch - Part 5

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch – Part 5

Reverend Campbell performed another episode of his Reading Aloud LIVE project on his YouTube channel. He read part 5 of his ongoing The Satanic Witch series finishing up Fashion and beginning Bitchcraft. Time Stamp: 5: Accessories – 5:36 5: Color Clues for Witches – 12:13 6. Bitchcraft – 30:26 6: Taking Advantage of Men Who Think They’re Taking Advantage of You – 43:49 6: How and When to Lie – 57:22 6: Learn to Be Stupid – 1:10:12 6: How to Charm a Married Man – 1:16:25 6: Giving In – 1:32:45 6: The Folly in Trying to Charm a […]