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The Battle Continues: Ron Reagan Censored by CBS

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad featuring Reagan speaking about the intrusion of religion into the US’s secular government was not accepted for broadcast by the network, though Comedy Central had already run in on two separate programs. It is clear that theists still hold plenty of power since such a major network fears offending them. The secularist point of view is unwelcome when the majority of society are a gaggle of mush-minded believers who do not tolerate skeptical opposition. As we’ve noted time and again, the struggle is on and support of the FFRF—a large group which has had […]


Why is there an “invocation” in the first place? Why are our government officials “praying” to anything during our time, paid for by our tax dollars? That’s some unconstitutional horseshit, right there. Pray on your own time, if you really think prayer guides you. If you’re on my time, your ass better be doing something more akin to law-making than sitting on your knees asking Jeebus if he thinks the intersection of Main & Park needs a flashing red light or just a stop sign. —Magister David Harris