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Exquisite Equinox!

Exquisite Equinox!

Hail to all you vibrant beings who share our celebration of the Earth’s successive seasons! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall’s arrival brings cool evenings with the promise of bountiful harvests. The impending touch of frost will, ere long, ignite leaves to blaze with vivid colors. Those in the Southern Hemisphere rejoice in the triumph of Spring’s warmth over frigid Winter. They may witness Nature as it shakes free from stasis, surging forth with renewed vigor. Satanists luxuriate in vital, carnal existence, embracing the majestic seasonal cycles of our precious, fragile island in space. Our cognizance invokes humbling respect as we seek […]

Prose from the Shadows: Autumn's Embrace

Prose from the Shadows, Episode 3: Autumn’s Embrace

“The warmth of Summer has now left us and the world prepares to harvest for the lean months to follow. We relish the creeping darkness with poetry from David Estringel, Delilah Astarte, Lynn White, Ray Prew and Vanessa Rowan. Huddle a little closer as the light of the day continues to wane.”

Speak of the Devil: Autumn   Monday, October 23rd / 8pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell discusses Autumn. From harvesting your garden and hikes in the fall leaves, to Halloween and everything in between! Let’s celebrate autumn together and talk about our history, superstitions and favorite rituals of the season. Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe to the YouTube Channel Give a Rating & Review Hail Satan! —Reverend Campbell (Source:

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EXQUISITE EQUINOX! The seasonal pivot point occurs today and many Satanists mark that change as we feel at one with the Earth and its continuing cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere Spring arrives, replacing the Winter’s desolation with renewed life surging in triumphant burgeoning. In the Southern Hemisphere, the glory of Autumn shall soon cast its soothing spell after the fiery blasts of Summer, presaging the coming harvest with all of its fertile abundance. Here in the haunted Hudson Valley, we recently experienced Winter’s dramatic last hurrah with about two feet of snow falling in a day. We shall thus be […]

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Greetings to all who feel consonant with the Earth’s seasonal changes! In the Northern Hemisphere we are delighted to embrace the arrival of Fall, portending harvest bounties, briskly cool evenings and the visual blaze of turning leaves. Denizens of the Southern Hemisphere find that fecund Spring is upon them as Nature awakes and stretches forth, rousing from her frozen torpor. We who embrace life with abundant passion celebrate the majesty of our world and the myriad pleasures offered by vital existence. Here’s to a sublime new season of lavish indulgence! —Magus Peter H. Gilmore