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Wendi Golburgh


Wendi, a beautiful heiress and owner of a lavish hotel, offers a helping hand to stricken men who fall on hard times. For those willing to indulge her “tastes,” they have the promise of pleasure and comfort for the rest of their lives! This story, written by Hydra M Star, is the second helping in our three part series featuring tales from Bon Appetit – Stories and Recipes for Human Consumption created by Alder Strauss and Hydra M Star. So grab a plate folks and tuck in!

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Warlock Alder Strauss and Witch Hydra M. Star bring to you a special Halloween treat: Bon Appetit: Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption 18 short stories are presented in this collection of terrifyingly irresistible tales paired with recipes and dish suggestions, desserts, and drinks; with a few libations contributed by High Priestess Nadramia Bon Appetit also includes: A bite-sized history of cannibalism, a cannibal crime game, a list of cannibalism in film and TV, and more! This anthology comes in two versions: Print / Kindle